TOP TWENTY-FIVE Scoreboard for 2017

January 02, 2018

  • The Electric Mayhem once again finished the year with the Highest Score of the past 365, but unlike 2016... 2017 came down to the wire. Setting a new ALL-TIME HIGH SCORE for Trivia Club at The Last Rights & Wrongs at Cardinal Rule, The Electric Mayhem not only finish 2017 with the Highest Score at the last Trivia Club event of the year, but will forever have the Highest Score at Cardinal Rule
  • December was a historic month for Trivia Club in more ways then the number one, with three of the Top Five scores of the year, and nine of the Top Twenty-Five taking place in the last month of the year, more then any other month. 
  • Yes, Top Twenty-Five! In 2012 we had a Top Ten but every year since then has seen us combine the years Highest Scores for a Top Twenty! Not this year! With so many high scores we wanted to celebrate as wide a swath of teams as possible! 
  • Their were 17 occurrences of a team scoring more then 200 points in 2017, almost three times as many teams then 2016, which had six. 
  • Of those 17 occurrences, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens scored 200 plus points twice, David Bowie's Corporate Whores did so three times, as did the Cunning Stunts. The Electric Mayhem also scored 200 plus points three times this year, while also being part of two-time 200 plus Electric Bastards' teams. 
  • Speaking of familiar faces, Matt and Pat have a few feathers in their caps this year with the Highest Score of 2017, the Highest Score for a team that did not win a Golden VHS on the night with the Mayhem of December 13th who gained the fourth highest score of the year (matching last year's high mark). Matt and Pat are also responsible for the 25th highest score of 2017 under the new team name at Hitch, Like A Muffin Or A Beat (one of six appearances for Matt on this list). 
  • The Cunning Stunts make six appearances on the 2017 High Scoreboard, gaining that Socratic Shield in style 
  • Hitch was responsible for five scores on the Top Twenty-Five for 2017, while Cardinal Rule called home the other twenty. 
  • The Highest Score at Hitch for 2017, is also the All-Time High Score at our Home Away, with 234.5 scored by the West Virginia Loser's Club on October 30th! On just their third time at Trivia Club, though already two-time Golden VHS winner, they proved to be formidable Trivia Club folk as they stamped their name in history. 
  • The Highest Score at The Rec Room for 2017 is the 28th highest score of the year, as Oh Shoot! set the current high-mark at our big stage location downtown at The Roundhouse with 178 points on September 26th
  • The Highest Score at Farside, just two events young in Chinatown east at our coziest location, was 162 points by Trevor Tyres on November 16th at the premiere event. 
  • The twenty-sixth Highest Score of 2017, just missing this extended list, was the Unusual Suspects' 182 points scored on April 26th, the fifth annual Grand Championship Finale where-in they came in runner-up on the night to David Bowie's Corporate Whores. The Unusual Suspects do appear on the list however, with their Golden VHS winning 185 points on May 31st, good for twenty-third. 
  • March doesn't appear on the Top Twenty-Five, and neither does June, July, August or September. October, November, and December more then make up for a low scoring summer, with 13 high scores coming in the last three months of 2017. 
  • The Mean Team for 2017, the team with a score closest to the big board average are the Dollywood Massacre, winners at our third-last Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule, and David Bowie's Corporate Whores for their runner-up score at the Last Rights and Wrongs at Our Original Home. Both teams scored 208 points.

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