Extra Curricular

April 02, 2012

While Trivia Club live events is where you can find us most often throughout the year, there are also annual events we hold that we like to refer to as Extra Curricular! These are annual events that aren't beholden to questions we ask weekly, but are still created and/or supported for the same quality of gamesmanship!

The Saturday Night Live Fantasy is our most successful, and most intensive, extra curricular event involving dozens of people across North America who have come to enjoy our Fantasy League for the comedy nerd.

Continuing the tradition established for us by the Totally Rad Show and /Film in 2008, the Summer Movie Wager asks Trivia Club’s best and brightest to rank the summer's biggest films, with bragging rights on the line!

Every office has an Oscar Pool, but Trivia Club tests your confidence in every choice you make by asking you to rank them from 24 to 1. Correct choices are as always important, but Confidence is key!

The Fall TV Death Pool celebrated network television by pre-picking the rotten apples from the bunch! Ultimately the fewer episodes your selected shows air, the better! The Death Pool was run for one season, seemingly the last traditional year of broadcast television.

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