April 02, 2012


Golden VHS Championships are the end all of Trivia Club, but not necessarily the be all! They’re a signifier that on this night you knew your trivia and you ruled the club, and are a memorable part of the community. In striving to gain your first, second, third Golden VHS, and more, some spectacular achievements can be unlocked!

High Scores – ultimately while we have fun, enjoy great food and drinks, and learn along the way… the highest scores walk away with all if not most of the glory!
Monthly & Annual Scoreboards - High Scores for each month in a Top Ten Scoreboard are also kept track of, annual Top Twenties for each year of Trivia Club, and Top Tens monthly since August 2014.

Five Timers Club - sharing a name with the group of Saturday Night Live hosts that have done well enough to appear five times or more on the show, our Five Timers Club celebrates that select few teams out of the hundreds who have played, who have won against the field enough times to become known forces in the Trivia Club world.

Triple Crown - it's hard enough to win at one location, as each event brings with it certain challenges, and challengers. These teams have ruled the roost at our three active locations.

Threepeat - it isn't unheard of, that a team will gain a head full of steam and win twice in a row at Trivia Club. What is almost unheard of, is a team winning three times in a row. Fittingly, the ever elusive threepeat has only been accomplished four times in the history of these events.

Sesquicentennial Mark - not every team that wins the Golden VHS will score 150 points, and not every team that scores 150 will win the Golden VHS. Still, those that can cross the 150 point total or more, join an elite group that must be both clever and lucky.

Linear Championship Belt - imagine, if you will, that a single title belt was won on our very first night of Trivia Club, and has been defended ever since. If it wasn't defended in a five week span then it was vacated, and won on the next available night of Trivia Club. It's a wild idea, and yes at the moment, an imaginary title belt.

Trivial Awards - ladies and gentlemen, the Trivial Awards! Yes, after four years of Trivia Club it was time to officially celebrate the best and brightest that the Greatest Game Show in Toronto has to offer with a star studded event to cap off 2016 at Cardinal Rule! An event that brought together the cream of the trivia crop for an award show so trivial we decided to just go ahead and name it that. The Academy of Cultural Questions & Answers (a totally legit institution, or at least one on par with the Hollywood Foreign Press), works closely with Trivia Club host Russel Harder to determine the Awards and their winners!

Of Note - these are achievements of note that are not always easy to define outside of themselves, but still deserve acknowledgement.

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