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April 02, 2012

Every night at Trivia Club is a special event, with the winners taking home the Golden VHS to put on their mantle place. If you've been to Trivia Club, you know it. Our love for awarding Championship Gold does not stop there however, as annually we also celebrate our anniversary at our locations, with the longest running of those annual Grand Championships also doubling as a celebration of Trivia Club as a whole! In this section, we gladly celebrate our annual Grand Championships!

The Golden VCR is awarded every April to celebrate Trivia Club's anniversary April 13th, 2012, our first night at our Original Home of Cardinal Rule! As well as being the longest running Annual Event of Trivia Club it is also our largest event! The inaugural year began the tradition of a two night aggregate score deciding the winner, and each year since has made sure to include the entirety of the Trivia Club experience in one way or another with the Grand Championship Grand Prix beginning in 2013/2014! The largest Grand Prix included 11 nights of competition in 2014/2015. The most events used towards the final score was five, all the Cardinal Rule events and one Hitch event in 2016/2017 for our Fifth Anniversary. In 2017/2018, Grand Prix Points came into play, giving more strength to placement over points on the night, while still using points on the night as a tie-breaker. And yes, the VCR can play your Golden VHS tapes.

Year Events Golden VCR Champions Champ Pts Runner-Up     R-U Pts
2012/2013 CR#015 & CR#016 Sam Rockwell 114 pts SPARTACUS 103 pts
2013/2014 HB#005, CR#060, 
Hi#015 & CR#061
Sexy Dumpster Teens
ft. Electric Mayhem
352 pts Cunning Stunts 280 pts
2014/2015 CR#107 to CR#111,
LD#043 & LD#044,
Hi#038 & Hi#039
The Electric Bastards 516.5 pts Cunning Stunts 356 pts
2015/2016 CR#158 to CR#161,
LD#095 to LD#098,
Hi#064 & Hi#065
David Bowie's
Corporate Whores
530 pts Cunning Stunts 401 pts
2016/2017 CR#208 to CR#211,
Hi#088 & Hi#089
Cunning Stunts 559 pts The Electric Bastards 550 pts
2017/2018 Hi#120, tA#003,
FS#008, Hi#122,
RR#029, Hi#123
Fighting Mongooses 25 GPP
(234 pts)
Wookiee of the Year 15 GPP
(159.5 pts)
2018/2019 FS#028, Hi#144,
RR#075, FS#029,
2 Fast 2 Curious 30 GPP
(757.5 pts)
Smartly Pretty 30 GPP
(679 pts)

The Roundhouse Royale is an Annual Event that takes place each September on Trivia Club's biggest stage to determine who is Trivia Royalty at The Rec Room Roundhouse! The Roundhouse Royale is notable for being the only playable Annual Championship, with Pac-Man adorning the 2017/2018 trophy, and Asteroids on the 2018/2019 trophy. The 2017/2018 Royalty were the first annual event winners not to win a Golden VHS at any of the events that led to their overall victory. The Roundhouse Royale winner is the team with the highest aggregate score over two specific events in the month of September, chosen to celebrate our anniversary at The Rec Room in Toronto, whose first event was on September 5th, 2017!
Year Events The Rec Room Royalty Champ Pts Runner-Up R-U Pts
2017/2018 RR#048 & RR#049 Not Turner 169 pts Rhymes with Regina 163 pts
2018/2019 RR#095 & RR#096 Cookiefaced 185 pts Dead on the Inside 135.5 pts

Uncle Rubberknee's Head of Class may sound like an awesome 80's movie only available on VHS but it is in fact the Annual Event that takes place each November on Trivia Club's Friendly Neighbourhood 'side of the street to determine who will hold the Golden Skull! Uncle Rubberknee's Head of Class, named after the defacto skeleton mascot of Farside, is the team with the highest aggregate score over first and third Wednesday events in the month of November, chosen to celebrate our anniversary at Farside, as we had our first event on November 16th, 2017! In 2019 due to scheduling, the Head of Class was decided by the highest aggregate score over the third Wednesday of October and the first Wednesday of November! Team Lithgow won the Head of Class Grand Championship before having won a Golden VHS!
Year Events Gilded Skull Grand Champ Champ Pts Runner-Up R-U Pts
2017/2018 FS#020 & FS#021 M. Night
174 pts Cunning Stunts 157 pts
2018/2019 FS#041 & FS#042 Team Lithgow 263.5 pts 2 Fast 2 Curious 159 pts

Former Annual Events include:
The Christopher Hitchens Cup, in honour of Hitch's namesake, took place each September, making it Trivia Club's Fall Classic! The Hitchens Cup was notable for being the only imbibable Annual Championship, a Golden bottle of Christopher Hitchens' drink of choice, Johnny Walker Black. The Hitchens Cup winner for the first three years was the team with the highest aggregate score in the month of September, celebrating our first night at Hitch, on September 9th, 2013! In 2016/2017 it became a best two-outta-three scores aggregate, before returning to the aggregate score for the final two annual events!
Year Events Hitchens Cup Champions Champ Pts Runner-Up R-U Pts
2013/2014 Hi#023 & Hi#024 PETE! 150 pts SHARK 118 pts
2014/2015 Hi#049 & Hi#050 Trusty Rumpets 147 pts The Electric Bastards 109 pts
2015/2016 Hi#074 & Hi#075 Tiny Tim's... 388 pts Trusty Rumpets 306 pts
2016/2017 Hi#097Hi#098
M. Night
199.5 pts The Good Folks from
Laramie Cigarettes
198.5 pts
2017/2018 Hi#132 & Hi#133 Smartly Pretty 270 pts The Good Folks from
Laramie Cigarettes
139.5 pts
2018/2019 Hi#154 & Hi#155 Fighting Mongooses 297 pts The Good Folks from
Laramie Cigarettes
285 pts

The Top Dawg Tournament took place in March, in honor of our initial night of March 11th, 2014 at Lou Dawg's, making it Trivia Club's March Madness! It was a different trophy each year that was lovingly crafted to honour the Top Dawg at Lou Dawg's! The first year saw the team with the highest aggregate score win the Top Dawg Trophy, but in 2015/2016 was a new format that saw the best two-outta-three scores in March take home the Top Dawg Trophy.
Year Events Top Dawg Trophy Champ Pts Runner-Up R-U Pts
2014/2015 LD#043 & LD#044 Cunning Stunts 264 pts Mitchell Allen: Trivia Men 218 pts
2015/2016 LD#091, LD#092 
& LD#093
The Bastards 297 pts North South Saint West 183 pts 

And  there is also our year-end acknowledgement of Trivia Club's winningest team...
Click the image to learn more!

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