Grand Championship Grand Prix 2019

April 15, 2019

Trivia Club is celebrating its SEVENTH anniversary! What do we have in store in our latest greatest iteration of the Grand Championship Grand Prix? SIX EVENTS across THREE LOCATIONS and the return of Grand Prix Points based off of placement!

2 Fast 2 Curious 5 6 6 7 -- -- 24
Smartly Pretty 7 7 7 2 -- -- 23
Fighting Mongooses 3 5 1 -- -- -- 9
Unusual Suspects 6 -- -- -- -- -- 6
Ask Jeeves -- -- -- 6 -- -- 6
Cunning Stunts -- -- -- 5 -- -- 5
Team Name -- -- 5 -- -- -- 5
Q (as in Star Trek) -- -- -- 4 -- -- 4
No Scrubs -- -- 4 -- -- -- 4
Featuring Peter 4 -- -- -- -- -- 4
Good Folks from 
Laramie Cigarettes
-- 4 -- -- -- -- 4
Murray -- -- -- 3 -- -- 3
Cookiefaced -- -- 3 -- -- -- 3
Team Slytherin -- 3 -- -- -- -- 3
 W e have officially entered into the SEVENTH anniversary celebration of Trivia Club in Toronto! Lucky number seven! The magnificent seven! It was Friday, April 13th starting at 10pm in the now warmly remembered Cardinal Rule that we had our first night of Trivia Club! SPARTACUS would win that first Golden VHS, besting Geraldo Triviera by a point, on a night that would also feature the Fighting Mongooses (but not those ones), Stupid Sexy Flanders, and Team Equipe in the Top Five (top five, top five)! Team Equipe members would soon return under a more familiar name in Trivia Club history, the Cunning Stunts, and by our first anniversary we would be celebrating our fifteenth event!

Now across eight different locations, and three current locations, not to mention two licensed locations across Ontario, we’ve held nearly SEVEN-HUNDRED events, and had the pleasure of holding Trivia Club events for performing arts organisations, and large corporations, and more, while also making appearances on CBC Radio 1! We’ve teamed with movie sponsors like Fox Searchlight and Paramount, enjoyed candy prizes from The Candy Bar, and cool clothes from the likes of North Standard and Crywolf!

As we celebrate our anniversary what do we have in store in our latest greatest iteration of the Grand Championship Grand Prix? SIX EVENTS across THREE LOCATIONS for Trivia Club’s seventh anniversary!

April 3rd at FARSIDE

April 8th at HITCH

April 16th at THE REC ROOM 
 for Trivia Club’s Anniversary

April 17th at FARSIDE for Trivia Club’s Anniversary 

April 23rd at THE REC ROOM

April 29th at HITCH for our Grand Championship Finale

As you can see the Grand Championship has already begun with a BANG at Farside! The Grand Prix is far from over however as the week after that will see an event at Hitch to continue the Grand Prix! The middle of the month sees not one but two Grand Prix events at The Rec Room with Trivia Club's Anniversary Night, followed the next day with the return to Farside! The week after that we return to The Rec Room for another event at The Roundhouse, followed by an end of the month's anniversary Grand Prix with the Grand Championship Finale at Hitch! The points that will decide who wins that Golden VCR in 2019 however won’t just be the points you get on the night of trivia that might win you the Golden VHS, those will still be used in case of a tie-breaker, but your Grand Prix Points will be all about how you place!

Teams that finish within the TOP SEVEN on each of the above SIX EVENTS will receive the following points towards The Race for the Golden VCR:

  • 1ST – 7 points 
  • 2ND – 6 points 
  • 3RD – 5 points 
  • 4TH – 4 points 
  • 5TH – 3 points 
  • 6TH – 2 point
  • 7TH - 1 point

Will YOU join Sam Rockwell, The Sexy Dumpster Teens, The Electric Bastards, David Bowie's Corporate Whores, the Cunning Stunts, and the reigning Fighting Mongooses as Grand Champions of Trivia Club?
Support Trivia Club on PatreonRussel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every 2nd & 4th MONDAY, at The Rec Room (255 Bremner Blvd) every TUESDAY, and every 1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY at Farside! Every episode of the Pause & Play podcast, a portable version of our live events, is available on SoundCloud & iTunes!

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