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April 02, 2012

Live events are not just the cornerstone of Trivia Club, they're the building and everything else we do through Trivia Club is just paying rent. Check out our About section for more details, in this section you’ll see what is coming up, what has recently occurred, and a thing or two about the Locations as well.

Upcoming Events - see our Facebook events page to get more specific details on upcoming live events at the three current homes of Trivia Club: the friendly neighborhood Hitch, our living room space Farside, and big stage at The Rec Room!

Past Events - for every event is a recap of that event. Starting in August of 2016 the event recaps moved from Facebook to the .CA, enjoy this look back in history!

Annual Events - currently we have an annual event at two of our locations. Here you will find all the information on: the Christopher Hitchens Cup, and the Golden VCR! For previous annual events, check out Previous Locations below.

Current Locations - all the information on where and when you can find Trivia Club in the city of Toronto, as well as stats and milestones on each location.

Previous Locations - sometimes we have to move on from locations, for any number of reasons. We still have pariticipants to celebrate from the past however, and memories to relive!

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