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April 02, 2012

Hitch - MONDAY Trivia Club's Red Curtain location on the east-end of Toronto is our longest running active location and can be found WEEKLY in Leslieville every Monday! The intimate environment only proves to heighten the competition, at this friendly neighborhood night!

The Rec Room - TUESDAY The room with the view, The Hall of Trivia! The Rec Room, which shares the same Roundhouse as Steam Whistle Brewery, is just across the street from the CN Tower and Skydome! It's not only Trivia Club's biggest location but our WEEKLY Tuesday location, so come out to compete against Toronto on The Big Stage!

Farside - WEDNESDAY Imagine if a Golden VHS became sentient, TWICE MONTHLY on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month, and you're on the right track when it comes to Trivia Club's Living Room in Chinatown East! With an astroturf welcome mat and VHS movie nights, Farside has immediately become a cozy fit with the Greatest Game Show in Toronto!

The Ace - WEDNESDAY The Ace is not only deeply felt history in a beautifully designed diner in Roncessvalles, but also an exciting new part of Trivia Club's legacy, TWICE MONTHLY on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month, in all it's lovely comfy glory. With seating for teams of two to four, reserve if possible but arriving early is optimal! Bring your teams ready for limited space but endless entertainment!

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