at Farside: Trivia Newton John, March 21st 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 22, 2018

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On this first full day of spring, Trivia Club sprang into action with our sixth night of game show goodness, our return after a month away at Farside! Would our long-waiting high score holders repeat as Champs, would another returning team put their name on the gold, or would a brand new group of trivia faces grab their first gold?!

 Trivia Classic  saw our returning Champs at Farside, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, with the lead! And it was a impressive lead, with twelve points on their closest competition Trivia Newton John in second. In third place were Visual Arts Grad Student Association with thirteen points, followed by Ryan's Kearnies and the Anti Social Social Klub (or ASSK) tied in fourth!

 Game Show Games  saw Team Barbcat lead the field, and all teams unable to nail down the first top ten in Countdown Takedown, meaning that in Survey Says, it was the M Night Shaym-Aliens who would get the first TOP TEN of the night, while Barbcat would get eight points to get on the board, and all teams would grab points of one kind or another, running the board on one question before Trivia Newton John added another two points from the second question! This then led to a Combo Breakdown that saw the M. Night Shaym-Aliens stand above the other teams and take another FOURTEEN POINTS as a result!

This meant that heading into  Tri-Pardo  that the Shaym-Aliens were in the cat bird seat for a second straight week, on an Isle of Dogs if you will, but these last four questions would be the final, the Finale test! VAGSA rolled the first category for eleven points, while the M Night Shaym-Aliens rolled the second category for eleven points, and finally Trivia Newton John rolled the third category for fifteen points, meaning that thirty-seven points were now on the line! Visual Arts would answer the third question correct for fifteen points, while the M Night Shaym-Aliens would also get fifteen points after answering the third question correctly and then wiping out there second question points with an incorrect first question! It would be Trivia Newton John however taking the biggest third round steps however with twenty-six points on the second and third questions!

Still, heading into the  Finale  it was the Shaym-Aliens game show, they just had to wager and answer correctly! They wagered 20 points, which blocked out every team… save for Trivia Newton John, who only left one on the table and thus now held control of their fate if every team got the Finale correct! This proved a tough Finale, however and with only two teams getting the answer correct it was the Shaym-Aliens who fell to third on the night, while Visual Arts Grad Student Association finished the night as runners-up!

The GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS on the night, with 101 points and their first win on their second night out for Trivia Club at Farside… TRIVIA NEWTON JOHN!

 21/03/18 POINTS TABLE 
M. Night Shaym-Aliens 32 0 10 14 15 (20) 51
Ryan’s Kearnies 11 0 2 1 -7 (7) 0
Visual Arts Grad
Student Association
13 0 6 2 15 (36) 72
Anti Social Social Klub
11 0 4 2 0 (17) 0
Trivia Newton John 20 0 2 3 26 (50) 101
Team Barbcat -- 0 8 3 0 (11) 0

Congrats once again Trivia Newton John, and thank you to everyone who joined in on the fun in Chinatown east! We'll see you in TWO WEEKS time on April 4th, on our return to Gerrard and Broadview!
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