at The Rec Room: Rhymes with Regina, September 18th, 2018

September 19, 2018

This week at The Rec Room Toronto, Trivia Club returned to its rightful home in The Hall for the ANNIVERSARY EDITION of Trivia Club celebrating ONE YEAR at The Rec Room... while also bringing you the first leg of the two-part Trivia Club Royale at The Rec Room! Who would get the highest aggregate score this week and the 25th of September and become Trivia Club Royalty?! It would begin tonight!

In  Trivia Classic  our first round would come to an end with an unheralded pair leading the field! Not Turner would get the advantage on the crowd, and take a six point lead on Suck It Trebek after the first! Suck It Trebek, one of the multi-time winners at The Rec Room would be pulling out all the stops on this special night, but close behind them were Rhymes with Regina! This team had not only played on Hitch prior to tonight, but also were an established trivia team from Seattle! Intercontinental! Highrollers were two and a half points behind them in fourth, looking to defend their Golden VHS victory from the week before. Rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) were Cookiefaced, also returning from last week! Newcomers Team Skins were just a point behind, with fellow newcomers Thai Thai Baby in seventh!

 Tri-Pardo , our second round at The Rec Room, then saw Cookiefaced choose the first question and roll for nineteen points! Thai Thai Baby chose the second question and ALSO rolled for nineteen points! Finally Suck It Trebek chose the third question and rolled for fourteen points! In total fifty-two additional points were on the line! Suck It Trebek AND Not Turner continued their epic first rounds and added another FIFTY-PLUS POINTS by both hitting the triple! This took both teams within the realm of 200 points possible after the Finale, but they were not alone in this competition! The Highrollers added five points, Team Skins added fourteen points, while Thai Thai Baby were stumped! Finally both Cookiefaced and Rhymes with Regina both grabbed an additional thirty-eight points! Though they were still far away from the top two teams, they could still add some impressive points going forward in The Rec Room Royale!

Suffice to say after an unprecedented night for points, it proved an unpredictable  Trivia Finale ! Suck It Trebek would go all-in save for two points... and they would lose those points! We would have to wait for another night to see a 200+ point haul at The Rec Room! Not Turner would also lose the points they wagered, but they had only wagered thirty-one points! A wild choice at the time, possibly, but one that left them with a strong eighty points for next week and the runner-up spot on this night! Highrollers would answer correctly, but only wagering half of their points, they would gain seventy points for next week and good for third tonight!

GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS on this night, and early leaders for The Rec Room Royale.... RHYMES WITH REGINA! They finish the night with 163 points and a strong lead on the field going forward to next week! Their score also ties the third highest score of all-time at The Rec Room!

 18/09/18 POINTS TABLE 
Suck It Trebek 53 52 105 103 2
Not Turner 59 52 111 31 80
Highrollers 42 5 47 23 70
Cookiefaced 35 38 73 20 53
Rhymes with Regina 44.5 38 82.5 80.5 163
Team Skins 34 14 48 48 0
Thai Thai Baby 30 0 30 30 60
Let's not forget though, with a potential 200+ that could have been won by two teams tonight, anything could still happen! Congrats again to Rhymes with Regina, and thank you to all the teams that came out to The Rec Room in Toronto and made it such a fun night of trivia! We'll see you all again NEXT TUESDAY for THE REC ROOM ROYALE FINALE! More to be won, more fun to be had! See you at 8PM in The Hall!
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