at Farside: 2 Fast 2 Curious, November 6th TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS & Team Lithgow 2019 HEAD OF CLASS

November 09, 2019

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It was our November return to Farside, and just in time to bring you the Grand Finale of our second anniversary Grand Championship event, to see who would be appointed as Uncle Rubberknee's Head of Class! In October, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens took the lead with a win on leg one of our journey, with 151 points on the night! Not far behind the 2018 Head of Class however, were the 2018 runners-up, as the Cunning Stunts had 138.5 points in the race! Also keeping themselves in contention, in fourth on that night were Team Lithgow, with 122 points! Who would walk away with the second anniversary Golden Skull though? We would have to wait and see!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with the narrowest of margins separating the top two teams as only half a point lay between the M. Night Shaym-Aliens and the Cunning Stunts in first and second. Four points off the lead, and three and a half from the Stunts were the returning 2 Fast 2 Curious! If the Shaym-Aliens had been the team of Farside's first year, the team formerly known as Last Place Team had become the team of Farside's second year, wracking up big wins as they became regulars at the Friendly Neighborhood 'side! Having missed the first half of the chase for the Head of Class however it would be an up hill battle for the Golden Skull! Just four points back from third place and eight off the lead were Team Lithgow, making their seventh appearance since May of 2019, the usual duo was a foursome on this night and were ready for their first big win. Just four and a half points back from the good folks in Lithgow were newcomers "The" Terminator 2! whose use of quotations, though unknown to me, made said team name quite enjoyable.

 Game Show Games  then looked to shift the momentum of the night in a certain direction, as in Countdown Takedown it was the Cunning Stunts who grabbed the TOP TEN and the lead! 2 Fast 2 Curious took eight points, the M. Night Shaym-Aliens picked up six, while "The" Terminator 2! got four, and Team Lithgow nabbed two points. Then in Survey Says it was 2 Fast 2 Curious who got the eight point answer again for the lead, while Team Lithgow got the TOP TEN and the Cunning Stunts were the only team left pointless, while still holding the edge on the Shaym-Aliens who were able to get the two point Survey answer.

Of course this led to  Tri-Pardo , which was all the more important in our night's action with its further ramifications into the annual Grand Championship picture at Farside! The M. Night Shaym-Aliens rolled the first category for six points, while the Cunning Stunts rolled the second category for thirteen points, and Team Lithgow rolled the third category for fourteen points! With thirty-three points on the line, it was more then enough to make an impact! Hitting for the triple, going three for three in the third round, were the 2 Fast 2 Curious, the Cunning Stunts, and Team Lithgow! This kept Lithgow in the hunt, but held 2 Curious in the lead on the night, and the Stunts in the lead for the Head of Class! The Shaym-Aliens gained nineteen points from the first and second questions but could not answer the third, while "The" Terminator 2! added twenty-seven points from the second and third questions!

This brought us to the  Trivia Finale  that could decide the night and the Grand Championship, with even 2 Fast 2 Curious in range of Uncle Rubberknee's Head of Class if they were able to wager and result with more then 151 points, along with more then a little luck. All teams went all in, save for Team Lithgow who kept a point and a half behind... and though that point and a half wouldn't matter it was only because Team Lithgow wouldn't win the Golden VHS on this night. They would however answer the Finale correctly!

Also answering the Finale correctly, and finishing the night with 159 points... and winning their eighth Golden VHS at Farside to tie all-time with the Shaym-Aliens, and their TWENTY-SEVENTH GOLDEN VHS overall... 2 FAST 2 CURIOUS! This was also their eighteenth Sesquicentennial Mark!

That 159 point total on the night would also give them the runner-up spot for Head of Class for our second anniversary at Farside! 2 Fast 2 Curious' second night total bested the first night total of the M. Night Shaym-Aliens with 151 points in third overall, and the Cunning Stunts with 138.5 points for fourth overall, after the night one winner and runner-up finished with zero points on night two alongside "The" Terminator 2!
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Finishing in fourth on night one with 122 points, and runners-up on night two this past Wednesday with 141.5 points to end our anniversary celebration with 263.5 points in aggregate... becoming the 2018/2019 UNCLE RUBBERKNEE'S HEAD OF CLASS... TEAM LITHGOW! Though they become just the second team to win a Grand Championship without having won a Golden VHS, joining Not Turner the 2018 Grand Champs at The Rec Room Roundhouse, with this being Team Lithgow's seventh appearance across seven months they has proven a consistency and competitiveness worthy of Farside's Head of Class!

Congratulations once more to 2 Fast 2 Curious, a Grand congratulations once more to Team Lithgow, and thank you to everyone who made it such a fun second anniversary celebration at the Friendly Neighborhood Farside! We will see you all again NEXT MONTH on December 18th as we return for the final Trivia Club of 2019 at Farside! Remember, Trivia Club's Russel Harder will be in A Christmas Carol so check out White Mills Theatre Co. for more info!
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We will be back NEXT MONTH for our final Trivia Club of 2019 at Farside on December 18th!

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