at Hitch: Tiny Tim's..., September 26th 2016 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS & 2015/2016 CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS CUP WINNERS

September 28, 2016

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 T he Trusty Rumpets were in a prime position to defend the Christopher Hitchens Cup this past Monday at Hitch! As the reigning winners of our Annual Championship spectacular on the east-end, The Rumpets had history on their side. With 23 Golden VHS championships in 53 events, they have proven to be faces that run the place! So in honor of Christopher Hitchens, it looked like a second golden bottle of Johnny Walker Black would soon be in their possession!

The Trusty Rumpets were not the only team in the running for the big prize, however, as five teams had competed on our first leg of the Christopher Hitchens Cup and four of them had walked away with more then 100 points! The M. Night Shaym-Aliens, one question away from the all-time High Score at Hitch, were not present on the second leg of the Cup... but the rest of the field was, in one way or another! Hey Dummy returned, with 123.5 points on night one, and were in a strong third position after Trivia Classic, nine and a half points behind the lead team! In second place after our first round of Leg Two, were the Trusty Rumpets! After grabbing 201 points on Leg One, they were in the drivers seat but were less Doug, and Neil of Wookie of the Year, who split off from the reigning Cup holders and Golden VHS Champs to form DougNeil! Two points behind the Trusty Rumpets after Trivia Classic were Tiny Tim's Tootie & the Blowfish! Tiny Tim's..., with 174 points on night one weren't outrageously far away from capturing their first Annual award, but would no doubt need to set another team high score to walk away with the overall win! Combining pieces of Tiny Tim's... and Bridges of Prince Edward County from weeks before, would no doubt help, however!

As was noted, Tiny Tim's... got off to a great start in Trivia Classic, and followed it up with a nearly unprecedented series Game Show Games! In Countdown Takedown, the Trusty Rumpets over shot, while Hey Dummy walked away with an extra six points, and DougNeil grabbed eight points, and Tiny Tim's Tootie & the Blowfish... got the number right on for a huge FIFTEEN POINT swing! Tiny Tim's Tootie & the Blowfish followed this up with the TOP TEN in Survey Says, while DougNeil grabbed another eight points, the Trusty Rumpets nabbed six points, and Hey Dummy walked away with four points! Then in Combo Breakdown, it was a veritable stand-off between all four teams... before Trusty Rumpets, DougNeil, and Trusty Rumpets fell in quick order, giving each team four points... and Tiny Tim's... another FIFTEEN POINTS!


Yes, it was a rare perfect Game Show Game for Tiny Tim's... and right when they needed it the most! This led to an ever more dramatic Tri-Pardo round, as Tiny Tim's... were now in the window to end the night with enough points to win the Christopher Hitchens Cup out from under the Trusty Rumpets! Hey Dummy and the... Trusty Rumpets grabbed ten points in the Tri-Pardo, stymied by the 15 and 20 points questions! DougNeil and Tiny Tim's Tootie & the Blowfish, however ended the third round with 15 points! Both teams were able to get the 10 and 20 points questions, but were thrown off by the 15 point question and lost those points as a result! This was enough however to give Tiny Tim's... a thirty-seven point lead over Trusty Rumpets heading into the Finale! By the end of the night all they needed was twenty-seven more points then their rivals at Hitch to win the Cup!

In the Finale, every team would go ALL IN... save for the Trusty Rumpets, who kept an additional thirty-five points on the table as a precaution, with the potential that Tiny Tim's... either under bid or got the Finale incorrect! Ultimately, the points left on the table wouldn't matter for the Trusty Rumpets, as not only did Tiny Tim's... set ANOTHER new personal high score for the second most successful, and third most appearancest team at Hitch (now just three away from passing Five Neat Guys on the list of appearances), Tiny Tim's Tootie & the Blowfish finished the night with 214 points! The second most points all-time at Trivia Club, and the All-Time High Score at Hitch!


This proved more then enough to give TINY TIM'S... the points that they needed to bring home the THIRD ANNUAL CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS CUP! Over both nights, Tiny Tim's... finished with 388 points! Trusty Rumpets finished as runners-up with 306 points! In third were relative newcomers Hey Dummy with 254.5 points over two nights, who over the two events also surpassed the prior winning totals of PETE! at the inaugural Hitchens Cup, and the Trusty Rumpets at the returning annual tradition at Hitch! A Game Show Game round for the ages, a Finale for the record books, and ultimately a Golden Cup of Johnny Walker Black in honor of Christopher Hitchens! Tiny Tim's... having debuted in July of 2015, a month earlier then their peers in David Bowie's Corporate Whores, in the Class of 2015, are now Annual CHAMPIONS at their home location!

Trivia Club has established its house teams, it's all-time teams, but they aren't... and they won't be the only regular competition, nor the only Annual Champions! 
Congrats to Tiny Tim's..., recently presented with a Tri-Pardo of their very own during the Christopher Hitchens Cup, and for good reason! Thank you to everyone who came out to compete at Hitch for our third annual celebration! We're very excited as we move forward, towards year four and beyond! See you on October 10th, 2016 for another edition of Trivia Club at Hitch!
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, at Lou Dawg's near Ryerson (76 Gerrard St E) every TUESDAY, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY!

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