April 02, 2012

One Golden VHS victory is an impressive achievement for any team on the night, a repeat Golden VHS victory at the very next event is an ever more impressive display of momentum and knowledge! Many teams have attempted to not just repeat, but threepeat in the history of Trivia Club live events, but only six teams have been equal parts knowing, and lucky, while learning along the way, to make it happen! 

It should be no surprise that this exclusive club includes two of Trivia Club's most historically successful teams, the folk hero of our east-end location, the house team at our Original Home who also became the fist team to threepeat twice (the second time unconventionally, though also the first in a post-Cardinal Rule world for Trivia Club). The past two have taken place in The Roundhouse, by friendly rivals staking a claim at the franchise location. It should also be noted a single participant has won at least three times in a row at a location, twice, just with different teams: Mark of the Cunning Stunts won four times in a row at Cardinal Rule, while Shelby of the M. Night Shaym-Aliens won three times in a row at Farside.

Event Date Score Opponents
LD#038 02/03/15 110 The Bastards ft. PETE, M. Night Shaym-Aliens, Treasure Butt, Lt. Dance,
Actual Cannibal Shia Laboeuf, William Shatner Face, Cash Money, We Tried
LD#039 02/10/15 142.5 The Bastards, M. Night Shaym-Aliens, Lt. Dance, William Shatner Face,
Queefer Sutherland, Team Plum Sauce, Rock City, Pulled Pork Tacos
LD#040 02/17/15 166 The Greater Good (The Bastards & M. Night Shaym-Aliens),
Mitchell Allen: Trivia Men, Xtra Tartar, Cestovatelia

Event Date Score Opponents
CR#151 02/17/16 235 David Bowie’s Corporate Whores, Team Name, Trivial Knowledge,
Alex Tre-Bests, Booze Clues, Alice Monroe’s Hoes, Quiz Khalifa
CR#152 02/24/16 140 Team Name, M. Night Shaym-Aliens, Trivial Knowledge,
Last Place Team, Finntastic
CR#153 03/02/16 191 Unusual Suspects, Knifey-Spoony, The Redacted, Trivial Knowledge,
Syphilisaurus, Alex Tre-Bests, Penguins Wild, Super Fine Sugar

Event Date Score Opponents
Hi#084 02/06/17 7 Wookiee of the Year, M. Night Shaym-Aliens, Tiny Tim's...,
Team 309, Japolski
Hi#085 02/20/17 104.5 Steve & Chris II, Scorpion Soup for the Soul
Hi#086 03/06/17 105.5 Wookiee of the Year, Trusty Rumpets, Teeny Tiny Tim

Event Date Score Opponents
CR#217 06/07/17 173 Team Name, Trivial Knowledge, Russell Hardest
CR#218 06/14/17 100 Trivial Knowledge, Pearl from Sales, We Are All Sarah,
On Est Magnifique!, M. Night Shaym-Aliens
CR#219 06/21/17 108 Cunning Stunts, David Bowie's Lonely Whores Club Band,
Shit Show Shaym-Aliens, Trivial Knowledge

Event Date Score Opponents
tA#013 09/26/18 145 Fighting Mongooses, Bill Murray's Receeding Hairline,
Riley and Tom, Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Love Machine
tA#014 10/10/18 154 Team Momolo
tA#015 10/24/18 5 2 Fast 2 Curious were the sole team and thus competed against themselves with 
Sam (Palpatine Was Right) winning, and the event not counting for nor against the team's threepeat.
tA#016 11/14/18 101 Earl's Screen Time, Alex Tre-Bests, Silver Medalists
tA#017 12/12/18 145 Ding Dongs, Team Wolfpack, We're Trying Our Best

Event Date Score Opponents
RR#083 06/18/19 153 Me versus Everybody (Dead on the Inside), M. Night Shay-Aliens,
Let's Get Quizzical, The Down Unders, Double Trouble
RR#084 06/25/19 131 Cookiefaced, Alice's Slippers, Mary's Masterminds, Mary Crushers,
Just an Average Guy... with Exceptional Hair (Dead on the Inside),
Varsity Cluez
RR#085 07/02/19 88 To Infinity and Your Mom! (Dead on the Inside), Smarty Pints,
Kung Fu Pandas
RR#086 07/09/19 1 Cookiefaced, M. Night Shaym-Aliens, Smarty Pints,
The Wholesome Crew, The Incendios

Event Date Score Opponents
RR#109 01/28/20 158 The Questionables, Death from Above, Flutterbye Fairies, SMS,
Team 4 Short, The Black Mambas, Parks and Rec Room,
Onions Make Me Sad :(, Kyle &  Friends, Leppenly Star Warners,
The Sacredest, Anonymouss
RR#110 02/04/20 160 The Questionables, There's No Emoji to Express How I Feel,
Shoe Me Your Caucus Iowa!, Anonymouss, Knee Magnets,
Out of Place, Aivirt 
RR#111 02/11/20 137 The Questionables, These Pencils Are Too Short for Stabbing,
Kyle & Friends, The Three Murderinos, Table 4 Two, Dice Hard 

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