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April 02, 2012

Trivia Club, as it stands, is a one man enterprise. One form of income is from our live Trivia Club events. However this doesn't account for the hours of work put into research and development for those live events, not to mention Extra Curricular games like Saturday Night Live Fantasy League, and our growing podcast network. But their is a way to make these sustainable in the long term: your Patreon pledges. Trivia Club would not be possible, it could not be a club, without the participants. Patreon will help what started as a side project continue to grow into a community, while giving you an extra something as a thank you. Your investment in Trivia Club does not need to go any further then your favourite bar. However you choose to support Trivia Club, thank you for learning along the way with me!
This wall celebrates our supporters through Patreon!

Jarrad Robinson
Dylan Morgan
Matthew Smith
Kevin Morgan
Rob Moden
Travis Fudge

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