Oscar Confidence Pool 20/21

April 19, 2021

Trivia Club tests your confidence in every winner you choose by asking you to rank them from 23 to 1. Correct picks are as always important, but Confidence is key! All that extra time and we almost forgot about our annual Extra Curricular enjoyment of the Academy Awards. It's time for the latest Oscar Confidence Pool!

What is an Oscar Confidence Pool, you might ask? It's simple enough.

  1. Picks are made in the usual manner, and then...
  2. Those picks are ranked from 23 (most confident) to 1 (least confident). 
  3. The highest possible score is a no longer round 276 points.
The winner is the person with the most POINTS, with the number of correct picks breaking any ties. Remember, the number you write beside a category are the points you'll get if your selected winner
actually wins! The combination of Sound Mixing and Sound Editing into one category, Best Sound, made sense but it has also skewed the highest possible score. Hopefully they add Best Stunt Unit or Best Stunt Coordinator and/or Best Second Unit Director for next year to readjust to 300 possible points!

This is our NINTH ANNUAL Oscar Pool, and the eighth Oscar Confidence Pool! Saad K. was our first Oscar Pool victor in 2012/2013 with 17 correct picks! Matthew S. won the first Oscar Confidence Pool in 2013/2014 with a still unmatched 22 correct picks for 290 points! In 2014/2015 it was Oliver D. who won our third Pool with 20 correct picks for 270 points! In 2015/2016 the Oscar Confidence Pool was won by Mark P. with 18 correct picks for 257 points, and then Mark P. because our first Oscar Confidence Pool repeat winner in 2016/2017 with 17 correct picks for 242 points! In 2017/2018 the Oscar Confidence Pool saw our first winner in Rob M. who guessed fewer correct picks with 18, then the runner-up, but ultimately scored more points for the win with 275 points! 2018/2019 was a tough year to guess as Mark P. won for a third time with the lowest correct picks with 15 picks for 229 points! Mark P. would then repeat once again with a personal best 21 correct picks for 258 points in 2019/2020!


The results of our 2021 Oscar Confidence Pool are in, and we have a NEW Champion of our longest-running annual Extra Curricular activity! Congratulations to Christopher Douglas who finished with 18 correct picks out of the 23 possible picks this year, and scored 243 points out of the possible 276 points! Christopher picked either Actor or Actress correctly, but gave them 11 and 1 confidence points respectively. 14 points for Original Song were Christopher’s most points lost.

Our runner-up this year is last year’s repeat winner, and a four-time Confidence Pool Champ, Mark Piggott! Mark in fact picked more correct winners with 19 picks, and when the confidence points were added up it was for (a still impressive) 237 points. His biggest points lost, doubling more then any other of his picks, was the 20 points lost on Actor. This is also the second time Mark, who has always proved a strong performer in our Oscar Pool, has finished as the runner-up on points while getting more correct picks, last doing so in 2017/2018.

Your host and the writer of this post, Russel Harder finished in third place with 201 points on 16 correct picks. Actor was also the biggest loss on Russel for the night with 22 points lost. One point was put behind Documentary Short, in which Russel was also incorrect in picking. No competitors this year guessed Documentary Short correctly, the only category that stumped everyone.

Matthew Smith, our first Confidence Pool Champ in 2013/2014, finished fourth this year with 198 points on 14 correct picks. Matthew was the only person to correctly pick Actor, with everyone else going with Chadwick Boseman (including the evening’s producers). How ever the biggest loss of points was the 20 confidence points put into Actress, with the choice of Carey Mulligan.

In fifth place on the night, rounding out the Top Five (top five top five) was Johnny Hollick who finished with 179 confidence points on 14 correct picks. Other then our winner, Johnny was the only participant to place the six highest point amounts (23 to 18) on correct picks. Unfortunately, he would then guess incorrectly on the next four amounts (17 to 14).

Rounding out the field were the Buddy-less Travelers who picked 10 winners correctly for 154 points. They were the only participant to pick Best Song correctly. With 10 correct picks, they were cagey enough to put 7 of their 13 incorrect picks with 1 to 7 confidence points, but still put their most incorrect confidence in Actor for 23 points.

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