at The Rec Room: Cunning Stunts, January 2nd 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 04, 2018

 W elcome back to Trivia Club! It's the first night of trivia for 2018, two days into the new year, the earliest in the year we've ever held a night of trivia... so where better to throw a post-New Years Day party then The Rec Room! Yes, we were back at The Rec Room and back in the North Bar for the night, joined by more then half a dozen trivia teams! An exciting year lies ahead, y'all!

 Trivia Classic , our first round of thirteen questions, saw a very familiar face in the Cunning Stunts make their return for the fifteenth event at The Rec Room for the first time since our premiere night! Just three points behind, and remember that number, were newcomers but able trivia folks in the United Trivia Workers Association Local 416! Nine points behind were, in third, birthday boy and friends Our Couch Pulls Out... But We Don't! House Quizendore were fourth, one and a half points ahead of the Headscratchers, who were themselves one point ahead of Six in the 6ix! Squad Force 1 were in seventh with Pack Hunting and Bed, Bath & Beyonce tied for eighth!

 Tri-Pardo  brought the teams into round two, in our year starting night of trivia at The Rec Room, with the Cunning Stunts grabbing the triple for a total of forty-one additional points! Also nabbing the triple and staying three points off of the lead were the United Trivia Workers Association Local 416! The Headscratchers would gain thirty points on the first and third questions, while Our Couch Pulls Out... But We Don't would grab three points after picking up fourteen points on the first question but losing eleven points on the second. Pack Hunting would also lose points on the second question, while Squad Force 1 would take a twenty-seven point hit, and pull back fourteen to make it a minus thirteen round.

 Trivia Finale  time was then a time for most all teams to go all-in, all of them save for the Cunning Stunts who were confident enough to with hold four points, not realizing just how close the Local 416 were... and with the Finale, most every other team would be knocked down. The birthday boy and friends in Our Couch Pulls Out... But We Don't, nabbed the fifth place spot! In fourth with half a point, were House Quizendore, while in third with a full point were the Headscratchers! Finishing as runners-up... just two points behind the lead and two points off of a Sesquicentennial Mark on their first night, the United Trivia Workers Association Local 416!

Which means the nights GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS, with their first win at The Rec Room and sixty-fifth overall, were the CUNNING STUNTS! The Rec Room is the fifth location that the Stunts have won a Golden VHS at, making them the second team to accomplish this after the M. Night Shaym-Aliens! It's also the twenty-second time that the Cunning Stunts have scored 150 points or more, though just out of the Top Five High Scores at our Big Stage location! Another fun fact, the Cunning Stunts become the first team to win the FIRST Trivia Club of a given year, and also win the LAST Trivia Club of a given year (doing so in 2013).

 02/01/18 POINTS TABLE 
House Quizendore 22.5 0 22.5 22 0.5
Cunning Stunts 36 41 77 73 150
Six in the 6ix 20 -11 9 20 -11
Headscratchers 21 30 51 50 1
Squad Force 1 17 -13 4 20 -16
Pack Hunting 14 -11 3 20 -17
Our Couch Pulls Out… But We Don’t 24 3 27 27 0
United Trivia Workers Association Local 416 33 41 74 74 148
Congrats once again to the Cunning Stunts, and thank you to everyone who came out to begin the year with us, right at the beginning of 2018! We'll see you NEXT TUESDAY, December 9th, for more Trivia Club at The Rec Room! You'll be able to find us in the upper Three10 Restaurant!
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