at The Rec Room: Oh Shoot!, September 26th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 27, 2017

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 A s our first month at The Rec Room drew to a close, all kinds of exciting and entertaining teams came to join us and win some prizes! In The Hall it was a wide selection, and as the night progressed, an ever changing top five... let alone top spot! So which of these teams would hold on and walk out with the Golden VHS?! Let's find out!

Trivia Classic was an initial coup for We Thought This Was Speed Dating, who grabbed the top spot at the end of the first round, and held an impressive four and a half point advantage on their nearest competition Stone Cold Jane Austin. I have to admit, I really really like that team name. Anywhoo! One point behind SCJA were Brain Farts, followed by Exuberance of Youth. A point behind behind them were two teams sharing one table, and no doubt letting that fuuuuel the competition, Oh Shoot! (Chute? Shoot!) and "I'm Bad At This"! Finally rounding out the field were Elefpgant, including a member of Trivial Knowledge from Cardinal Rule, and Killaloe Sunrises!

Yes, it was quite the field for the second round of Game Show Games... and with Countdown Takedown starting off the round, "I'm Bad At This" proved quite good at Game Showing with the initial TOP TEN, while being followed by their table mates Oh Shoot! for eight points! Six points went to Brain Farts, while Elefpgant grabbed four points, and Killaloe Sunrises took away two points! In Box Office Bulls-eye, it was a five point boost for Elefpgant and Stone Cold Jane Austin! Finally in Survey Says, Stone Cold Jane Austin scored the TOP TEN, while Oh Shoot! and Exuberance of Youth also grabbed a TOP TEN score! Six points were snapped up by Brain Farts, while I'm Bad At This grabbed four points, and Elefpgant grabbed two points to make them the only team on the night to score in all three Game Show Games! With the round coming to a close, it was Oh Shoot! however who picked up the most second round points, shooting them from fifth to second, as Stone Cold Jane Austin moved into first place before round three! As the only team blanked in round two, We Thought This Was Speed Dating had the bad luck to suddenly fall from the top five!

Tri-Pardo continued to make things interesting, with the first category being rolled by I'm Bad At This for 12 points! We Thought This Was Speed Dating rolled the second category for nineteen points, and nineteen proved to be The Rec Room's lucky number as the third category was rolled for that same amount of points by Elefpgant! This put FIFTY points up for grabs in round three, enough to make quite the difference heading into the Finale! Getting points on the first question, but losing those points on the third question were Elefpgant and We Thought This Was Speed Dating, each getting hit for seven points! Gaining twelve points for the first question were Exuberance of Youth! Finally making the biggest waves, and jumping into the one and two spots before the Finale, thanks to Brain Farts and Stone Cold Jane Austin breaking even across their questions... I'm Bad At This gained thirty-one points, while Oh Shoot! were the team of the night that hit for the triple, getting all three questions correct for a FIFTY POINT BOOST!

This meant that heading into the Finale, Oh Shoot! had put themselves in the top spot, while I'm Bad At This was in second place but still more then twenty points behind! Stone Cold Jane Austin had shifted to fourth, as Exuberance of Youth had brought themselves just above even by gaining three and a half points on the first place team from round two! In the wagering, all teams went all-in, because it was just that kind of night! Well, most all teams save for Brain Farts and Elefpgant who kept the additional half a point that had been afforded to them.

The end of September proved a solid Finale night for the teams at The Rec Room, as no team got the last question incorrect! And with all those points being put on the line this meant that finishing as runners-up were "I'm Bad At This", though they were obviously getting better... just not as good as their table mates who had won the civil war on the night...

OH SHOOT! had won the GOLDEN VHS! Making an impressive gain after each and every round, the night and the VHS belonged to Oh Shoot! (not chute!), who were also awarded a Mario Kart Chess Game from our friends in the Trophy Case at the front entrance of The Rec Room! Yeeeeeeah!

Stone Cold Jane Austin 25.5 0 5 10 0 (40.5) 81
Elefpgant 19.5 4 5 2 -7 (23) 46.5
We Thought This
Was Speed Dating
30 0 0 0 -7 (23) 46
I’m Bad At This 20 10 0 4 31 (65) 130
Oh Shoot! 21 8 0 10 50 (89) 178
Brain Farts 24.5 6 0 6 0 (36) 72.5
Exuberance of Youth 22 0 0 10 12 (44) 88
Killaloe Sunrises 14 2 0 0 OUT (--) --
Congrats once again Oh Shoot! on your Golden VHS, and thank you to all of those who came out to take part in Trivia Club at The Rec Room! It was a truly wonderful selection of teams having fun in The Hall! We'll see you all again in TWO WEEKS, yes we're taking off October 3rd, but will be back for our FIFTH edition on OCTOBER 10th!

Remember, it's not what you know... it's what you learn along the way!

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