at Cardinal Rule: Cunning Stunts, September 27th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 28, 2017

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 N ot only did we have two THREEPEAT teams competing against each other, but also a competitor from our Canadian Opera Company Trivia Club event joined us at our Original Home of Cardinal Rule! All that and more, this past Wednesday night!

Trivia Classic saw a tight game between Last Place Team and the Cunning Stunts, two of the most consistent trivia participants in our history, from the very start. After round one they were tied! In third place after the first, with a little half of the points of the first place teams, were returning for the third time and with friends… Rocketman! Rounding out the field, just three points behind was Eden!

Game Show Games then saw alphabetical order give the Cunning Stunts the slightest Countdown Takedown advantage for the first TOP TEN! In Survey Says it was then Eden who got the second TOP TEN of the night, with Rocketman picking up four points, Last Place Team grabbing six points, and the Cunning Stunts grabbing four points! Eden continued a solid second round, and proved the last team standing for four points! Wonderful job for a one woman team, and the most points for any team in the second round!

Ultimately heading into the third round of Tri-Pardo, the Cunning Stunts and Last Place Team had once again found themselves tied, while Eden had found herself newly in third place! Last Place Team rolled the first category, making the first question worth nine points! The Cunning Stunts rolled the second question for seventeen points, while Eden rolled for the third question and rolled for ten points!

In the third round, this is where teams begin to not only separate but to catch up with one another. With thirty-six points on the line the Cunning Stunts were able to grab twenty-six points, while Last Place Team held pat, Rocketman gained seventeen but lost ten of those points, and Eden won an additional seventeen points for herself! Eden had suddenly put herself in second place by a point and a half with this turn of events, while the Cunning Stunts had (in their Grand Championship way) put themselves in a solid lead late in the game!

This meant that wagering for the Finale was unpredictable and at the same time a little bit more predictable! Putting pedal to the metal were three of the four teams, with the only hold out being Eden! Only wagering twenty of her points, this gave her an outside shot if all teams had answered incorrectly on the last question. Alas, it was only Eden who would answer incorrectly, though her wagering kept the damage from being all-in, and left her in a solid fourth place finish. Finishing as runners-up were Last Place Team!

Finally, finishing off with 142 points, and their SIXTY-FIRST GOLDEN VHS… were the CUNNING STUNTS! This was also their thrity-fourth Golden VHS at Cardinal Rule alone, bringing them within one of Electric Mayhem's record for VHS at the Original Home of Trivia Club. Speaking of which, the Cunning Stunts did surpass the Electric Mayhem for most points all-time at Cardinal Rule with 6,476! Though the Electric Mayhem did have the previous mark in 16 fewer events.

Last Place Team 30 8 6 1 0 (45) 90
Eden 11.5 4 10 4 17 (20) 26.5
Cunning Stunts 30 10 4 1 26 (71) 142
Rocketman 14.5 6 8 0 7 (35) 70.5
Congrats once again to the Cunning Stunts, and thank you as well to all those who came out to compete and continue to build such a fun community of competition on the west end!

You'll be hearing more and more about this soon, but not only will we be back NEXT WEDNESDAY but we'll also be celebrating our 500th edition of Trivia Club, everywhere, all together… yes FIVE-HUNDRED on October 11th! See you next Wednesday, see you in two weeks!
And remember, it's not what you know… it's what you learn along the way!
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