Top Ten Scoreboard for December 2017

December 23, 2017

  • For the second consecutive Scoreboard, third if you want to count how we knew what was coming when we posted the October Scoreboard, we have a new ALL-TIME HIGH SCORE! On the last night of Trivia Club for 2017, the Last Rights & Wrongs at Cardinal Rule, wrapping up our time at Our Original Home... The Electric Mayhem surpassed every score before that night, creating a new high score for the Ico Era, twelve points ahead of what they accomplished in the Expansion Era of Trivia Club, and six and a half points more then the Grafton Celebrity All-Stars high score of the Chip Era! Just forty-nine days after the Cunning Stunts scored 240 points to begin November of 2017, The Electric Mayhem finished December of 2017 with 247 points! A new ALL-TIME HIGH SCORE that, as we noted in the Last Rights & Wrongs at Cardinal Rule recap... brings everything full circle. 
  • The Electric Mayhem top an all-time month which saw EIGHT scores top the 200 point plateau! Not only is this a record for a Monthly Scoreboard, but also the highest average score ever for a Monthly Scoreboard. The Electric Mayhem not only have the highest score in the history of competition at Cardinal Rule, and of 2018, but also the highest score for a team that did not win the Golden VHS on the night. Their 235 points at the second annual Trivial Awards the week prior to setting the all-time mark, matched their old personal best but saw them lose to David Bowie's Corporate Whores by one and a half points. 
  • Seven of the eight 200 point plus scores took place at Cardinal Rule, with eight of the Top Ten highest scores taking place at Our Original Home. Truly a fitting end to the place where it all began for Trivia Club. 
  • The highest score outside of Cardinal Rule for December 2017 was the 203 points scored by The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes, on December 18th, the last event at Hitch for 2017 which saw our Home Away's two participants appear on the last Monthly Scoreboard of 2017! 
  • The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes were also responsible for the highest score of December at Farside with the 82.5 points that won them the sophomore Golden VHS at Trivia Club's newest warmest location! 
  • The eleventh highest score of the month, just outside the Monthly Scoreboard is also the highest score recorded at The Rec Room for December! The Distractors scored 174.5 points at the last Trivia Club of 2017 at our big stage location, on December 19th
  • After six consecutive appearances, the Cunning Stunts do not appear on December's monthly scoreboard. December and May are also the only two months in 2017 that the Stunts did not win a Golden VHS.
  • This is the second consecutive month for the M. Night Shaym-Aliens scoring more then 200 points, and another personal best for Trivia Club's house team. It's the second consecutive appearance on the Monthly Scoreboard for the Shaym-Aliens, as well as the second consecutive appearance for The Electric Mayhem
  • David Bowie's Corporate Whores make two appearances on the list, as do The Electric Mayhem... who it could be argued make at least two and a half appearances, thanks to the large crossover between The Electric Mayhem and the Electric Bastards. Of those three-ish appearances, The Electric Mayhem not only set that all-time high score but in the other two appearances that were losing efforts they only lost on those nights by a combined two and a half points. 
  • For the first time since August of 2017, when they made multiple appearances, Last Place Team also broke into the Monthly Scoreboard with the fourth highest score of December 13th at Cardinal Rule but ninth highest score of the month. An excellent capper for Cardinal Rule's last house team. 
  • The Mean Team for December, the high score closest to the scoreboard average, is a tie between the Dollywood Massacre and David Bowie's Corporate Whores!

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