Saying Goodbye to Cardinal Rule

November 09, 2017

Katie and Russel at the eighth Trivia Club, August 15th, 2012
Trivia Club will miss Wednesdays at Cardinal Rule.

Now that I've led things off with the biggest possible understatement about the Original Home of Trivia Club, I write this to let you know that December 20th will be the last Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule. This is not before six sweet Wednesdays from November 15th to December 20th, including the return of the Trivial Awards on December 13th. 

If you missed the statement from Cardinal Rule, here it is as quoted from their Facebook page:

On the heels of accepting the runner-up for BEST DINER in Toronto award for 5 years running, presented each year by, we would like to use this platform for another announcement.
Coming to the end of 2017 Cardinal Rule, 5 Roncesvalles, will be completing its mission as a restaurant.
Moving on from this place that is a home away from home is not an easy decision to make, but one that is right for right now. We will remain fully open throughout November and December with limited brunch services between Christmas and New Years, so don't be a stranger! Come by and enjoy a cocktail, meal, hug or all three. We would love to see you all.
We have been so honoured to have been a part of both the Parkdale and Roncesvalles neighborhoods for almost 7 years now! Please know that whether we have been in your life for 7 years, 1 year, a month or week or just an hour while you dine it has been our absolute pleasure, and many, if not most of you will be missed.
What the future holds on a grand scale is mildly uncertain but you will be able to still find delicious food by Chef Marta at Glad Day Bookshop .
Stay tuned for announcements about a final hurrah! Thanks again Toronto!

Cardinal Rule is in the DNA of Trivia Club, and therefore will always be a part of this game show in some way shape or form. We will have had 245 event, over five years, seven months, and eighteen days. Katie (who it must be mentioned, has the best memory for details in the biz) and the entire team at Cardinal Rule throughout the years, have been instrumental in not only influencing how Trivia Club has grown, but in supporting Trivia Club with an environment that was always easy to return to.

Cardinal Rule is the Original Home of Trivia Club, but also the original home of many of our longest participating teams. Thank you Cardinal Rule for giving us this space to play. For allowing it to grow from a monthly event to a biweekly event and finally a weekly event for as long as it has run. Cardinal Rule through thick and think is the cardinal example for everything we could have asked for not just from a location, but for our first location.

So come out to Trivia Club any and every last Wednesday in 2017 to say good-bye to Cardinal Rule, to celebrate our home.

- Russel Harder

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