TOP TWENTY Scoreboard for 2013

January 03, 2014

  • 2013 saw the the beginning and end of the Chip Era, as Trivia Club settled into a more reliable structure after our more unpredictable first dozen events or so, and by the end of summer 2013, the end of the Chip Era as we began to expand. The Expansion Era of Trivia Club forced us, in the best way, to discover a structure that could travel well and more easily adapt to new locations. It helped Trivia Club find new parts of the city, as well as opened the event up for private parties!
  • The Chip Era lasted from February 13th, 2013 to August,7th 2013, from CR#011 to CR#025, so keep that in mind with any larger scores within the time frame. This includes the 240.5 points from the Grafton Celebrity All-Stars, the High Score of 2013, who not only used their points but also the points of the Electric Mayhem on May 22nd, 2013 to attain the all-time high score of the Chip Era.
  • The Grafton Celebrity All-Stars have only won two Golden VHS tapes, but with both of their victories they grabbed the top score of that year, so they certainly made it count.
  • Only five scores on the Top Twenty take place during the Chip Era, in part due to the volatility of the scoring of the Era.
  • Nine high scores of the Top Twenty for 2013 took place during October, with five of those scores taking place on October 16th, 2013, subtitled Tha Carter (a night themed around Baseball and Hip Hop).
  • June 5th and December 15th are the only other events with multiple appearances in the Top Twenty.
  • Every score in the Top Twenty for 2013 took place at Cardinal Rule, but Cardinal Rule wasn't our only location of 2013. We also held Trivia Club events at Wychwood Pub, The Gladstone, Handlebar, and Hitch.
  • If we were to do a Top Forty of 2013, The Brancondale Bunch with 118 points would have the thirtieth highest score of 2013 with the highest score of our short history at Wychwood Pub!
  • Ryan Family Values would grab the highest score at Hitch for 2013, which includes the first seven events at our second longest-running location, with 112 points on December 9th, 2013 to win the Golden VHS at the final Hitch event of 2013!
  • The Electric Mayhem, in their first year of participation at Trivia Club, quickly cemented their legacy with eight appearances on the year end High Score Top Twenty, including five of the Top Ten spots! The most appearance of any team!
  • The second highest score for The Electric Mayhem for 2013 actually took place on their second appearance at Trivia Club, on February 27th, 2013! Doing so, they became the FIRST team to cross the Sesquicentennial Mark! Two weeks prior in their Trivia Club debut, along with Party Down, they were the first team to cross the 100 point plateau.
  • With their debut appearance at Trivia Club, The Unusual Suspects were the third highest scoring team of 2013! The Unusual Suspects would end up making the second most appearances on the Top Twenty, even with an October debut at Trivia Club.
  • Team Name got the highest score of 2013 for a team that did not win the Golden VHS, losing by three points to the Unusual Suspects to begin their long fought by always friendly rivalry.
  • The Cunning Stunts would make two appearances on the Top Twenty, as would Team Name and SPARTACUS, and the Cunning Stunts would also gain the twenty-first highest score of 2013... 138 points on December 12th, which would be matched a week later by Raw Skilledhands, a team which would compete twice at Cardinal Rule in 2013.
  • The Mean Team of 2013, the team with the score closest to the average score of the board, is... The Electric Mayhem with 156 points!

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