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December 07, 2017

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 W ith the final month of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule upon us, it can't all help but feel like the closing stretch at Our Original Home. The third last event has a special meaning as well, because that number three has always felt important to the Greatest Game Show in Toronto. The night would be a memorable, full of twists and turns, with every team leaving it all out. We would have long returning faces, familiar competition from these last few weeks holding steady, and even a few newcomers in these final weeks. It warms the heart, and steels the soul! 

After the first round of  Trivia Classic , the Electric Bastards held the lead with 52.5 points... the kind of total that gives a team pause, because it's the first step in a potential record making performance. Yes, making a rare appearance outside of the Grand Championships, after consecutive wins by the Electric Mayhem and The Bastards, the team was looking to complete a non-linear Threepeat, a collective Threepeat if you will, and featuring three-quarters of the original Electric Mayhem, as well as repeat winners Matt & Pat, it was very possible! They would not have an insurmountable lead on the field however, as the Dollywood Massacre were only four and a half points behind them! The Dollywood Massacre featured a few participants from our first year of Trivia Club, who played for Quizario Dawson, as well as an excellent film critic in Phil Brown! Three and a half points behind them were Trivial Knowledge, swinging for the fences on the night, and a half point ahead of the Cunning Stunts, who themselves were only five points off the pace of their record-setting night from the month before, on this their ONE HUNDREDTH APPEARANCE at Cardinal Rule! Rounding out the Top Five after the first round were Last Place Team, making their FORTY-FIFTH consecutive appearance! The Bulldogs, Triviyaaaaas Kween!, and Unkar Putz of Lt. Dance, rounded out the field from their!

 Game Show Games  began Countdown Takedown as it always has, and with that game we saw a share of the TOP TEN, with both Trivial Knowledge AND the Electric Bastards picking up the big ten, while the Dollywood Massacre picked up six points, the Cunning Stunts took four points, and Last Place Team took an extra two points. Then in Survey Says, even MORE TOP TENS were grabbed with Trivial Knowledge once again sharing the honor (a first at Trivia Club, it must be noted) with their TOP TEN in Survey Says coming from a second question, after the first Top Ten was cleared by the Electric Bastards who grabbed an extra two, Last Place Team who took four points, Triviyaaaaas Kween! who picked six, the Dollywood Massacre who nabbed eight points, and the Cunning Stunts who notched the first TOP TEN! This then brought up to a tricky Combo Breakdown that at once as familiar yet shockingly foreign. Damn you, Grammy Awards. Ultimately it was a face-off between veritable first-timers in the Dollywood Massacre, and our house team at Cardinal Rule, Last Place Team! Playing their songs right, it was Last Place Team that took FIFTEEN POINTS for themselves, further consolidating the Top Five scores, while the five points that the Dollywood Massacre accrued was actually enough to quietly slip them into the lead by half a point, ahead of the all tied up Trivial Knowledge and Electric Bastards!

 Tri-Pardo  would prove all the more important, with such a condensed field, at such a high plateau! The Cunning Stunts would choose 3 as our first question, and then roll three points for it, on this our third-last even at Cardinal Rule. Because that is how it works, ladies and gentlemen! Last Place Team would choose the second category, and roll it for eighteen points! Finally, the Electric Bastards would choose the third category and Saad would roll it for sixteen points! When the dust settled on Tri-Pardo, with thirty-seven potential points up for grabs, the field had separated for the final question. Picking up nineteen points were Last Place Team, the Cunning Stunts, Trivial Knowledge, and Triviyaaaaas Kween! Hitting the triple, and keep the slightest of separation between them were the Electric Bastards and the Dollywood Massacre!

So as teams wagered for the  Finale , their was a feeling of big points in the room... so everyone went ALL-IN, save for Last Place Team who kept three points, and Trivial Knowledge who kept half a point! Once the Finale was answered... Triviayaaaas Kween! had lost all of their points, and finished the competitive night with the lone pointless result. Otherwise, the Top Five (top five, top five) proved that this third-final night for Tri-via Club would be one to remember... with the fifth place team on the night finish with the sixth highest score of the month so far, a great score on any night, Last Place Team had 143 points. Our fourth place team crossed the Sesquicentennial Mark for the 20th time, an excellent job on their 100th appearance at Our Original Home and theirs too, the Cunning Stunts had 154 points. Trivial Knowledge, after being neck and neck with the megazord of the last two Golden VHS Champs, finished in third with 170.5 points, just ten points off of their personal best. The TOP TWO TEAMS finished with over 200 points, and it was truly a tale of two teams... pop culture lovers all, one half Trivia Club stalwarts, and the other half unheralded friends of and first year Trivia Club participants. The Electric Bastards would finish the night just shy of an Electric Mayhem/Bastards/Electric Bastards trinity, though finishing as runners-up with 207 points!

ONE POINT AHEAD, yes just a single point after it was all said and done, stemming not just from Trivia Classic but also the Combo Breakdown, and every question before and after... with 208 points, the 11th team to cross the TWO-HUNDRED POINT BARRIER, and their FIRST GOLDEN VHS... the DOLLYWOOD MASSACRE!

Congrats one more time to the Dollywood Massacre, the second first-time winners in the Final Ten Champs at Cardinal Rule, joining Chillasaurus, alongside long-time teams like Trivial Knowledge, Last Place Team, and the Cunning Stunts, along with the Electric Mayhem and The Bastards. Thank you to everyone who came out to compete and made this such a memorable night.

 06/12/17 POINTS TABLE 
Last Place Team 33 2 4 15 19 (70) 143
Electric Bastards 52.5 10 2 2 37 (103.5) 207
Cunning Stunts 44 4 10 0 19 (77) 154
Triviyaaaas Kween! 27.5 0 6 0 19 (52.5) 0
Dollywood Massacre 48 6 8 5 37 (104) 208
Trivial Knowledge 44.5 10 10 2 19 (85) 170.5
We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for the second annual TRIVIAL AWARDS at Cardinal Rule! All award shows are trivial, we're just being upfront about it. It will be an awards ceremony nestled within the familiar night of Trivia Club that you know and love, with a few surprises but mostly just fond memories of the past year and a celebration of Cardinal Rule!
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