at Cardinal Rule: Unusual Suspects, May 31st 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

June 01, 2017

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 O n a night when the M. Night Shaym-Aliens were looking to become the fourth team ever to threepeat, it would prove their most competitive crowd to date in theses last three weeks. Eight teams competed at the Original Home of Trivia Club, Cardinal Rule! Four finished with more then 100 points.

The M. Night Shaym-Aliens fought their way into the lead after the first round, Trivia Classic! Four and a half points behind them were the returning Unusual Suspects, last seen setting a personal best high score in a losing effort against David Bowie's in the GCGP 2017 Finale! Four points behind the Suspects in third, were newcomers Team Hustle Harder (no relation), with Trivial Knowledge a point and a half behind them in fourth! Two and a half points behind them in fifth were Last Place Team, in Diet form but with that same great taste! Two and a half back again, were another team of newcomers BRB Gotta Take A Quiz! Fatty Liver made a return in seventh, while Digital Pony and the Welsh Dragons rounded out the Classic field!

Those M. Night Shaym-Aliens used their position to their advantage with the first TOP TEN of Game Show Games, in Countdown Takedown! Also getting on the board in the second round were the Unusual Suspects, Last Place Team, Fatty Liver, and Digital Pony! In Survey Says, the Unusual Suspects got the TOP TEN, while Fatty Liver, and Team Hustle Harder also grabbed eight and two points respectively! Finally in the Combo Breakdown it came down to the Unusual Suspects, the M Night Shaym-Aliens… and Trivial Knowledge! The Shaym-Aliens put there trust in Bill Cosby, and remember kids NEVER put your trust in Cosby, and were eliminated. The last team standing with FOURTEEN points to their name? The Unusual Suspects!

With their still lead over the Shaym-Aliens now widened in the Breakdown, the Unusual Suspects went into Tri-Pardo with a cautious optimism. With fifty points between the three questions, the first question being worth 16 points, the second question being worth 16 points as well, and the third question worth 18 points, one had to be safe. Well, safe or correct. Hitting for the triple for 50 points in the third round were the Unusual Suspects and… newcomers Team Hustle Harder! Take A Quiz, Digital Pony, and Trivial Knowledge all got two our of three, while the M. Night Shaym-Aliens were tripped up by the second question and still were able to add 18 points!

The Unusual Suspects then found themselves in the unusual position of not only winning the night, but also notching as much as 230 along the way! Knowing it could only be the second highest score all-time, and knowing the competition on hand for the night, the Suspects still wagered 70 big points, a bigger wager then any other team then Hustle!

Even on a highly successful night, to beat the field, to stay in front of such competitive newcomers, and to end the threepeat chances, the Finale had to be answered correctly by those Suspects Unusual

It was! Finishing in third, with a score three points higher then the week before were the M. Night Shaym-Aliens with 137! Runners-up on the night with 164 points, crossing the Sesquicentennial Mark on their first night out… Team Hustle Harder! Winning their NINETEENTH Golden VHS, and setting a new personal best high-score with 185 points on their 50th appearance… THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS!
M. Night Shaym-Alieans 37.5 10 0 3 18 (68.5) 137
Unusual Suspects 33 8 10 14 50 (70) 185
Last Place Team 25 6 0 0 18 (44) 93
Trivial Knowledge 27.5 0 0 3 34 (64.5) 0
BRB Gotta Take A Quiz 22.5 0 0 0 34 (56.5) 0
Digital Pony 18 2 0 0 34 (54) 108
Fatty Liver 21 4 8 2 16 (51) 0
Team Hustle Harder 29 0 2 1 50 (82) 164
Congrats to the Unusual Suspects, once again, and thank you to everyone who came out and made our 216th night at Cardinal Rule so much fun! We’ll see you all again next Wednesday, and we jump into June for more Trivia Club on the west-end!
Russel Harder hosts Trivia Club at Hitch (1216 Queen St East) every other MONDAY of the month, and Cardinal Rule (5 Roncesvalles Ave) every WEDNESDAY! Every FRIDAY, a new episode of Trivia Club's Pause & Play podcast (a weekly portable piece of the Trivia Club experience) will be available on SoundCloud & iTunes!

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