Top Ten Scoreboard for November 2017

November 30, 2017

  • We have a new ALL-TIME HIGH SCORE! 240 points on November 1st at Cardinal Rule! Two days after the West Virginia Losers Club notched a new all-time high score at Hitch, and one day in November... the Cunning Stunts leveled the new high water mark for High Scores in Trivia Club! It's the highest score of the Ico Era, five points higher then the Electric Mayhem's 235 points of our Expansion Era, one year, eight months, and fourteen days after the Mayhem had set the mark. The only point total higher, is the 240.5 point night for the Grafton Celebrity All-Stars, during our wildly unpredictable Chip Era. 
  • Those Cunning Stunts naturally have the highest score of the Month, and the year so far, but also the High Score at Cardinal Rule for November 2017. This is also the second consecutive month that the Cunning Stunts have scored more then 200 points, and the Cunning Stunts are also the only team to appear twice on the November Top Ten on their sixth consecutive appearance on the Monthly Scoreboards
  • The M. Night Shaym-Aliens also scored big, notching the seventh highest score of all-time at Trivia Club, and reaching past 200 for the first time as a team. Their 213 points, in perfect Shaym-Aliens Luck however is the highest score for November 2017 to not win the Golden VHS. 
  • The highest score outside of Cardinal Rule this past month, is also the highest score and FIRST Golden VHS winners at our newest location Farside! Trevor Tyres scored 162 points at our premiere event in Chinatown East, on November 16th
  • The Close Talkers had the highest score at The Rec Room for the month of November, with 136 points on November 28th
  • Multiple Scorgasms had the highest score at Hitch for November, excellent for a first-time team, with 99.5 points on November 20th. This was the 13th highest score of the month. 
  • Yes, after the six highest scores of October 2017, a team that participated at our Home Away was not represented on the Top Ten. Cardinal Rule teams make up five of the spots for November, in our second-last month at Our Original Home. The Rec Room has three participants on the Top Ten, while Farside sees two teams on the Top Ten from their premiere night. 
  • The Electric Mayhem and The Bastards, third and eighth on the Top Ten respectively, had two repeating members who each made multiple appearances on this month's list. Not a hug surprise for the two charter teams of the 2014/2015 Grand Champion Electric Bastards
  • The eleventh highest score of the month belongs to The Wet Bandits, runners-up on November 7th at The Rec Room, with 116 points. 
  • The Mean Team for November, the high score closest to the scoreboard average, are Trevor Tyres!

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