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November 29, 2017

 A  wonderful night of Trivia Club was had at The Rec Room, as our eleventh event brought forward a new group of teams, excited to test what they knew, and what their friends knew! Who would walk away with the Golden VHS? It would most almost certainly be First and Gold! It was a celebratory way to close out November in The Hall on the stage!

 Trivia Classic  came to a close with Think Tank, Drink Tank tied with the Country Blumpkins! Runners-up, just a half a point behind them were Work Hard... Trivia Also Hard! All teams got a great mix of branded swag from The Rec Room, as well as sweet sweet candy! The Close Talkers were in third place, two points off the lead, while the Burgundy Lions were half a point behind them, and Jeo-Party on Wayne rounded out the Top Five (top five, top five) half a point behind them! This meant that the Top Five, which was in fact a top six, was only separated by THREE POINTS! The Brew Jays in sixth were only themselves half a point out of the Top Five, with another member of the I Thought This Was Speed Dating club (the fifth different team with that name in eleven events) in seventh! Master Debators and The Specialists (office mates of The Close Talkers, actually!) rounded out the field of ten!

 Tri-Pardo , our second round at The Rec Room, shifted things around with the first question being rolled for three points by I Thought This Was Speed Dating..., the second question being rolled for nineteen points by Brew Jays, and the third question being rolled for fifteen points by Burgundy Lions! In total, thirty-eight points were up for grabs! Taking big swings and hitting a triple each, with three correct answers in the Tri-Pardo for thirty-eight points, were the Country Blumpkins, as well as The Close Talkers! This kept C.B. just two points ahead of C.T. Office rivals of The Close Talkers, The Specialists, were the only team to lose points after Pardo! Gaining one point were the Brew Jays! Gaining thirty-one points, and edging from fifth to third after two round, were the wonderfully named Jeo-Party on Wayne!

This led to the all important  Finale  round, with wagering going largely all-in with half a point left behind by Work Hard... Trivia Also Hard, and eight points left behind by Think Tank, Drink Tank! Country Blumpkins, our leaders after two rounds, were the only team to zag when everyone zigged (their country way) and only wagered five points. This would prove to be the incorrect choice on the night. Though it was a tricky Finale that felled a few teams, it would make the Finale Top Five shake out much different then our Classic Top Five, and climbing to fifth place when all was said and done were the Master Debators, in fourth were the Country Blumpkins (even with a correct answer on the previous four questions), in third were I Thought This Was Speed Dating... (gaining the best score for a Speed Dating named team too!), while the runners-up on the night with 122 points were Jeo-Party on Wayne who walked away with an actual drone, and our Champions on the night...


Though their office mates The Specialists finished on the opposite end of the standings, they still joined them in the picture (aaaaw), winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS on this night and FOUR game bands for The Rec Room each worth TWENTY-FIVE dollars, succeeding in this team building exercise... THE CLOSE TALKERS! In the picture, The Close Talkers are the second, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh person from left to right, as well as the person kneeling in the front row! Wooooo!

 28/11/17 POINTS TABLE 
Burgundy Lions 30.5 22 52.5 52.5 0
The Specialists 21.5 3 24.5 24.5 0
The Close Talkers 31 37 68 68 136
Jeo-Party on Wayne 30 31 61 61 122
Country Blumpkins 33 37 70 5 75
Brew Jays 29.5 1 30.5 30.5 61
I Thought This Was
Speed Dating…
26 16 42 42 84
Work Hard… Trivia Also Hard 32.5 7 39.5 39 0.5
Think Tank, Drink Tank 33 15 48 40 8
Master Debators 24.5 7 31.5 31.5 63

Congrats once again to The Close Talkers, and thank you again to everyone who came out to compete on this the fourth last Trivia Club at The Rec Room for 2017! See you all NEXT TUESDAY, when we'll be giving away from swag for the upcoming film The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro's new film that is both terrifying and surprisingly romantic. Follow our Facebook event page, as Trivia Club at The Rec Room is subject to change in location and date!

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