at Cardinal Rule: The Bastards, November 29th 2017 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

November 30, 2017

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 O n our fourth last night at Our Original Home, the preantepenultimate edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule! We saw the return of a team better known for another lost legacy location, we saw the continued support of a number of excellent teams, and also new teams were still mixing it up and competing with the field!

 Trivia Classic  brought out quite the field of competition, with Last Place Team leading the way after the first round. Making their forty-fourth consecutive appearance, Last Place Team had a two point lead on the Cunning Stunts, the winningest team at Cardinal Rule! Just two and a half point back from the Stunts were The Bastards, two parts the Electric Mayhem from the week before and now with 100% Lou Dawgs winningest team, come to pay their respect and go for the gold in the last weeks of Cardinal Rule! Three points back from The Bastards were Trivial Knowledge, always competitive underdogs! In fifth place were Keith from IT, making their eighth appearance at Trivia Club! Omigawd!, newcomers to Trivia Club but good friends of Cardinal Rule, and fellow newcomers the Girl Guides rounded out the field!

 Game Show Games  continued to twist the standings, with The Bastards grabbing the TOP TEN in our first game Countdown Takedown! Last Place Team grabbed eight points and kept the lead on their end, with Cunning Stunts and Omigawd! each nabbing six points, and Keith from Information Technology getting two points. Survey Says then brought even more points with Omigawd! grabbing the TOP TEN on a second question, while Keith from IT grabbed the TOP TEN in the first question! Also grabbing points were eight points for The Bastards to give them the lead, six points for Trivial Knowledge, four points for Last Place Team, and two points for the Cunning Stunts! A tricky Combo Breakdown, courtesy of Justin McElroy, saw Omigawd! outlasting Keith from IT for THIRTEEN POINTS! This only proved to tighten the field and bring things down to the third round!

 Tri-Pardo  saw the three questions worth a combined forty points! The first question was rolled for eight points by Omigawd!, the second question was rolled for fourteen points by The Bastards, and the third question was rolled for eighteen points by the Cunning Stunts! With all that on the line, Keith from IT hit that triple, gaining forty points and thus gaining the lead! Getting both the first and third questions correct, though losing points on the second question for twelve points... were the Cunning Stunts, The Bastards, and Last Place Team! With Keith from IT in first place heading into the Finale, The Bastards had a point and a half lead on Last Place Team for second place. Cunning Stunts themselves were three points back from LPT, in fourth. Wagering, and answering, would prove golden.

 Finale  wagering saw all teams go pretty much all-in and Trivial Knowledge were the only team that held back, maybe sensing their middle point position. Not wagering would give Trivial Knowledge the runner-up spot for the night. Our Finale for the night would prove a tough twist, with Keith from IT seeing an either/or option... and as it turned out, going with the option that would not give them the Golden VHS on this night. A valiant effort, and an excellent field, but the night's winner...

With their SECOND GOLDEN VHS at Cardinal Rule, and THIRTY-SEVENTH GOLDEN VHS overall... THE BASTARDS! The Bastards earned the Golden VHS, as the only team getting the Finale correct, regaining the lead on the last question as they did so! This is also the second consecutive Golden VHS for two of the teams members, a regular and guest participant on last week's Electric Mayhem team. They were in fact joined afterwards, as is tradition for this time of year it seems, by Kevin of the Electric Mayhem and Dylan of the Shaym-Aliens, after TFC won the Eastern Finals and punched their ticket to the MLS Cup!

 29/11/17 POINTS TABLE 
The Bastards 33 10 8 0 12 (63) 126
Last Place Team 37.5 8 4 0 12 (60) 1.5
Trivial Knowledge 30 0 6 2 4 (0) 42
Cunning Stunts 35.5 6 2 3 12 (58.5) 0
Keith from IT 21.5 2 10 3 40 (76.5) 0
Omigawd! 16.5 6 10 13 -24 (21.5) 0
Congrats one more time to The Bastards, and thank you once again to all the fantastic teams who came out to our fourth last Trivia Club at Our Original Home of Cardinal Rule! We'll see you all again NEXT WEDNESDAY for the third last edition of Trivia Club at Cardinal Rule, yes our first of December, with TWO WEEKS to go until our second annual TRIVIAL AWARDS!
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