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November 08, 2017

 W e The North Bar! Yes, outside of The Hall this past Tuesday, Trivia Club popped up north of the sports bar! In and amongst the arcade games, a few steps away from The Void, our Game Show was game for the change! Sponsored on the night by Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, we were joined not only by returning faces in Team Name, and Oh Shoot!, Jules & the Fools, and Carl's Favorite Pudding... but also a host of all new teams! Ultimately it was an unpredictable night with an unpredictable finish!

 Trivia Classic  ended with Team Name holding the lead on the field, with Carl's Favorite Pudding three points off the from the lead! The Wet Bandits were one point behind them in third, while Her Peas! were only one point behind them in fourth! Rounding out the Top Five (top five, top five) in a tie were Jules & the Fools and Oh Shoot! Yes, these friendly rivals were neck and neck, and had the advantage by three points on newcomers the Not-Chicago Bears! Those were were one point ahead of their own friendly rivals, Like the Bears, But Better, who rounded out the competitive field!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw the field seperate a little, as Jules and the Fools were the only team to not answer the first question, which had been rolled for thirteen points by Team Name! Her Peas! answered it but were the team who ended up losing thirteen points on the question! Our next question was rolled for fourteen points by Carl's Favorite Pudding, and wouldn't you know it... Carl's Favorite Pudding won those fourteen points! Also winning points on the question were Her Peas! Though not as lucky were Like The Bears, But Better who lost fourteen points on the incorrect guess! Finally the third question was rolled for sixteen points by the Not-Chicago Bears, and it proved a tricky question... but one that all teams picked up sixteen points for! Carl's Favorite Pudding stood above the rest as the only team to sweep our second round, to set things up for the Finale!

This meant that going into the  Finale , Team Name were now in second, while Carl's Favorite Pudding had gained an 11 point advantage for first place over The Rec Room's winningest team in its young time! Not far behind Team Name were The Wet Bandits, followed by Oh Shoot! and the Not-Chicago Bears! Ultimately it would come down to the right mix of wagers and answers on this last question... and the Golden VHS would go to team with that correct combo! All teams went ALL-IN, save for two... The Wet Bandits, who left two points on the board as a life raft, and Carl's Favorite Pudding on their third night out since their debut at our Walking Dead season 8 premiere event... who only wagered eleven points, wagering against the field!

The field would fight back though, and the lead that CFP had fought to gain, would suddenly be lost! Though they would get the final FOUR questions correct, Carl's Favorite Pudding finished in fifth place on this night. In fourth place were Her Peas!, while the Not-Chicago Bears were in third. Runners-up were The Wet Bandits...

Winning their THIRD GOLDEN VHS at The Rec Room in six appearances, and TWENTY-FOURTH overall... TEAM NAME! Yes, after a surprising drought in the year leading up to our opening at The Rec Room, Trivia Club's most participatory team has now won at three our their sixth appearances proving like The Room they are always game!

 07/11/17 POINTS TABLE 
The Wet Bandits 30 29 59 57 116
Not-Chicago Bears 21 29 50 50 100
Like The Bears, But Better 20 15 35 35 70
Oh Shoot! 24 29 53 53 0
Carl’s Favorite Pudding 31 43 74 11 85
Her Peas! 29 15 46 46 92
Jules & the Fools 24 16 40 40 80
Team Name 34 29 63 63 126
Congrats to Team Name once again, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room to compete in the Greatest Game Show in Toronto! Thank you as well to Fox Searchlight's award worthy new film, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri for the cool swag! Check it out, in theaters soon! We will be back in a more familiar space in The Hall next Tuesday! Same time though, and same channel! Remember, it's not what you know it's what you learn along the way!
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