Top Ten Scoreboard for September 2019

October 01, 2019

  • The highest score for the month of September 2019 was a tight race between two Grand Champions on this month! With 185 points the highest score for September, and the new all-time high score at The Rec Room belongs to Cookiefaced! Having fallen behind in the chase to be crowned Trivia Royalty at The Roundhouse, Cookiefaced notched a new high score on September 17th to win our second annual event at The Rec Room’s flagship location!
  • The highest score for September at Hitch is the second highest score of the month by one point. With 184 points on September 9th, the Fighting Mongooses established a base for themselves that would prove to keep the other teams at bay! Two weeks later, though they finished in third on that night, they would take home their second ever Grand Championship… but their first Hitchens Cup! This was the sixth annual anniversary event at Hitch, celebrating a long-run at our Black Label location, with a team that has now made 50 consecutive appearances at the location across some two years of largely twice monthly events.
  • With the third highest score of the month, but the second highest score at The Rec Room for September, The Questionables had set a new high score with 181 points on September 3rd! It was the lead-up to The Roundhouse Royale, and The Rec Room’s winningest team were coming in hot after setting the new high score at The Rec Room after the high score before it had stood for 90 events! Wildly enough, their mark would last two weeks!
  • Both The Questionables and Cookiefaced appear twice on this monthly Top Ten, and both as runner-up on the night to each others high scores on the night! It’s no surprise they’ve become such friendly rivals at The Rec Room!
  • With the fourth highest score of September, The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes also had the highest score for a team who did not win the Golden VHS on the night, with 154 points on September 9th at Hitch. The Good Folks were also runners-up for the Hitchens Cup, two weeks later, for the third year in a row at their local stomping grounds!
  • The seventh highest score of the month is also the highest score at a Trivia Club outside of Toronto! Walt Quizney score 145 points on September 3rd, at The Rec Room Square One in Mississauga. Their 145 was also a new high mark for any team competing at a Trivia Club outside of Toronto!
  • Other scores of note at The Rec Room locations outside of Toronto, and outside of the Top Ten on this month include the location high score-tying 112 points by Trifectas on September 17th at The Rec Room Masonville in London! This was the second week of their first anniversary celebrations at the location, and though Trifectas had tied the high score mark on week two of the event and won the night, the ever trivia-minded Dairy-Based Projectiles had the higher aggregate score across events and won the first annual prize in London! The highest score in Edmonton was the 110 points scored by Delta Force on September 10th at The Rec Room South Edmonton Commons! We also debuted our newest Trivia Club night EAST of Ontario, with Wine Makes Us Smarter winning the inaugural event at The Rec Room Avalon in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador on September 24th with 71 points!
  • The ninth highest score of September 2019, and the highest score at Trivia Club at Thompson Diner for the month, belongs to two business men from Portland… Team B.S. who scored 134 points on September 19th!
  • Also in Toronto, but outside of the TOP TEN were the high scores at Farside and at Black Lab Brewing! Farside’s high score for September belongs to Vibeology who scored 84 points on September 18th! One week later on September 25th, Squad Ghouls scored 30 points to win our return event at Black Lab Brewing!
  • You may have noticed that for the first time this year, we do not have 2 Fast 2 Curious on this Top Ten thanks to a number of reasons… but ultimately means their consecutive appearance streak on these scores is over at thirteen months overall, and eight of this year’s nine scoreboards!
  • In terms of consecutive appearances currently active however, this is the second month in a row with the M. Night Shaym-Aliens making an appearance, the third month in a row for Cookiefaced, and the fourth month in a row for the Fighting Mongooses!
  • The eleventh highest score of the month, the team just off the Scoreboard for September 2019, is the 131 points from The Good Folks from Laramie Cigarettes on September 23rd who finished as runners-up on the night to the sixth highest score of the month from the M. Night Shaym-Aliens.
  • The Mean Team for September 2019, or the team with the high score that is closest to the board average of 156 points are The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Folks from Laramie Cigarettes who scored 154 points at Hitch on September 9th!

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