at The Rec Room Roundhouse: The Questionables, September 3rd 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 05, 2019

In the week leading up to our second anniversary spectacular, the The Roundhouse Royale on the 10th and 17th of September, our 94th edition of Trivia Club at the flagship location of The Rec Room saw our regular faces mixed together with incredibly game first time teams! Who would take home the last Golden VHS of year two before we began year three? How would their score compare across Canada?

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with Cookiefaced holding a half point lead over their friendly rivals in The Questionables! Two points away from the lead was another friendly member of that rivalry, I ate everything at the CNE. EVERYTHING. The team otherwise known as Dead on the Inside was looking to return to their winning ways, against always tough competition! Six and a half points behind EVERYTHING. were newcomers You Can Call Me Al-Paca, while another new team rounded out the field, This Was Karaoke, Right? Good question, it was, and then I started asking too many questions.

 Game Show Games  began with Countdown Takedown, and saw This Was Karaoke, Right? grab the TOP TEN for the first game of round two, while You Can Call Me Al-Paca picked up eight points! The Questionables nabbed six points and shifted into the lead, while Cookiefaced was still close behind with four points! Cookiefaced was then the only team left pointless in Survey Says, while The Questionables opened their lead further with eight points, and I ate everything at the CNE. EVERYTHING. with a TOP TEN answer for the second game show game!

 Tri-Pardo  then started with a twelve point roll on the first question by Cookiefaced, followed by an eleven point roll by I ate everything at the CNE. EVERYTHING. for the second question, and for the third question a nineteen point roll by You Can Call Me Al-Paca, to give a possible forty-two points on the line in our third round! Hitting for the triple were The Questionables, who with the forty-two point turn in round three had ninety-two points going into the Finale question! Staying as close as possible were Cookiefaced, who with the first and third questions gained thirty-one points, while This Was Karaoke, Right? also picked up thirty-one points to shift into third place! Losing eight points after the second question correctly but the third question incorrectly were, I ate everything at the CNE. EVERYTHING.

Though Cookiefaced looked to go all-in on the  Trivia Finale , The Questionables decided to not wager three points but were still within range of a new all-time high score at The Rec Room! This meant that they could also repeat at The Rec Room as well, heading into the second annual anniversary celebrations at The Roundhouse as well! The Questionables just needed to answer the Finale correctly…

Which they did, as those teams that knew it, knew it and THE QUESTIONABLES were now FIFTEEN-TIME GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS at The Rec Room Roundhouse! They finished the night with 181 points, the new ALL-TIME HIGH SCORE at The Rec Room! This finally topped a high score that was established in late September of 2017, almost two teams ago at the fourth edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room, yes, ninety editions of Trivia Club ago! Cookiefaced finish as runners-up on the night with 143 points.

Congrats once again to The Questionables, and thank you to everyone who came out on the first night after the first day of school and made it another successful and entertaining night of Trivia Club! We’ll be celebrating TWO YEARS of Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse with THE ROUNDHOUSE ROYALE on September 10th, so come on out! Your scores next Tuesday will be added together with scores on September 17th, with the highest overall point total reining as are newest TRIVIA ROYALTY at THE REC ROOM! CLICK HERE FOR THE HIGH SCORES ACROSS CANADA AT THE REC ROOM!
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