at The Rec Room Canada: September 3rd 2019 TOP FIVE

September 05, 2019

Welcome one and all to a recap of Trivia Club at  THE REC ROOM  across Canada! We’re celebrating the CHAMPIONS and the TOP SCORES at The Rec Room locations in Ontario and Alberta, looking at how they did on the night, and how they stack up against each other! Last week on August 27th The Questionables returned to the winners circle at The Roundhouse in Toronto with the Canada-wide highest score at Trivia Club for the week as well! The TOP FIVE SCORES for Trivia Club at The Rec Room on September 3rd, 2019 breakdown as follows:

In the penultimate event of our second year at The Rec Room Roundhouse in  TORONTO  with host and Trivia Club creator Russel Harder (kneeling), before we celebrate new Trivia Club Royalty with The Roundhouse Royale... The Questionables set a new all-time high score at The Rec Room! With 181 points, for their FIFTEENTH victory at The Roundhouse, Trivia Club's winningest team at The Rec Room held went neck and neck with their friendly rivals and fellow Top Five mainstays Cookiefaced who finished the night with 143 points, the third highest score of the week! In third place were newcomers You can call me Al-Paca, whose 118 points was good for the fourth highest score across Canada!  CLICK HERE FOR A FULL RECAP OF THE NIGHT!

Speaking of new top scores, a new benchmark is being set at  MISSISSAUGA ’s Square One location of The Rec Room! Walt Quizney, pictured with host "MrGameShow" Christopher Colbourne (center), won their second night of trivia at Square One and notched 145 points along the way, a New High Score for Mississauga! Runners-up on the night, 6ers finished with the fifth highest score across Canada with 105 points!

It was the FIFTIETH event at  LONDON ’s Masonville location hosted by Justin Gayle (second from right), and as they celebrated this milestone wouldn't you know it... Dairy-Based Projectiles took the night at their home location once again! Their 104 points was one point out of the Top Five of the week, but they have now won their SEVENTH event! Lettuce Wraps finished with 60 points, as runners-up!

Winners at the South Edmonton Commons, for the sixteenth event in South  EDMONTON  hosted by Ed Childs (not pictured), were Bean Bag Boys (one boy pictured) who finished the night with 54 points, twenty points ahead of runners-up The Beards with 34 points!

Congratulations to all those who won the week at Trivia Club at The Rec Room this past Tuesday, and thank you to everyone who came out to play! Join in NEXT TUESDAY on September 10th at The Rec Room for more Trivia Club in Edmonton, London, Mississauga, and Toronto!

NEXT WEEK on September 10th and 17th TORONTO will be celebrating TWO YEARS of Trivia Club at The Rec Room! Join us for a multi-week Grand Championship celebration the The Roundhouse Royale crowning the newest Trivia Club royalty!

September 17th and 24th LONDON will be celebrating its own FIRST YEAR of Trivia Club at The Rec Room Masonville! Join us for a multi-week Grand Championship celebration there as well!

If you don't see your teams high score in this list, remind your host to submit those scores. Let your friends know that we'll be coming to St. John's as well, on September 17th!

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