The Rec Room

April 02, 2012

Click here for a recap May 14th 2019's TOP FIVE HIGH SCORES!
The Rec Room Roundhouse - TUESDAY The room with the view, The Hall of Trivia! The Rec Room Roundhouse is the room with the view, located at Roundhouse Park in downtown Toronto, just steps away from the CN Tower, and The Skydome in  TORONTO ! The Roundhouse redefines the meaning of Flagship with over 40,000 sq. feet of great games, mouth-watering eats and amazing entertainment, all packed under one roof! The WEEKLY Tuesday night event is hosted by the creator of Trivia Club, Russel Harder!

The Rec Room Masonville - TUESDAY The Rec Room Masonville in  LONDON  was the first member of Trivia Club CANADA at The Rec Room! Trivia Club in London is hosted by Kevin Avram WEEKLY every Tuesday! We've added some spectacular fun and games to Masonville Place, rounding out the hip, urban social scene at The Forest City’s retail and entertainment destination.

The Rec Room Square One - TUESDAY The Rec Room Square One in  MISSISSAUGA  is one of our newest Trivia Club nights located within 44,000 sq. feet of games, eats and entertainment! After a preview night of Trivia Club to coincide with Trivia Club's seventh anniversary, Matthew Cohen a former Golden VHS Champion will be hosting WEEKLY every Tuesday alongside special guest hosts in the city of the Anishinaabe's Great River-mouth!

The Rec Room Commons - TUESDAY The Rec Room Commons in South  EDMONTON  is one of our newest Trivia Club nights located in the South Edmonton Common, a 320 acre retail power centre, just a short drive from the Edmonton International Airport, 20 minutes from Downtown Edmonton. Our first Trivia Club outside of Ontario is hosted by Ed Childs, bringing Trivia Club out west to The Festival City at The Rec Room's original location! 

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