at Black Lab Brewing: Squad Ghouls, September 25th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

September 26, 2019

Trivia Club has returned to Black Lab Brewing for the first time since February! Would the Good Boys from Laramie Cigarettes be able to retain their Golden VHS at the debut public event at man’s best brewing house? Or would a new Champion rise to the top? Laramie would be joined by other familiar and dog friendly teams from Trivia Club, alongside a host of new faces!

 Trivia Classic  came to a close with Team Peachie in the lead, with a three point lead on “We’re Just Happy to Beer Here!” in second, and with those newcomers a point ahead of 2 Fast 2 Curious! Our “Fur”-ious west end team had established a regular spot on the east side of town at Farside and were now making their debut at Black Lab! In fourth were The Zamboners, who were two points ahead of the Fighting Mongooses! The Fighting Mongooses had the lead on sixth place returning champs The Good Boys from Laramie Cigarettes! Date Night!! were next in the standings, followed by Squad Goals, and EVE!

 Tri-Pardo  was our second round on this night, and rolling the 12-sided die first was 2 Fast 2 Curious who rolled a one fore the first question, followed by a six rolled by the Fighting Mongooses for the second question, and a nine rolled by The Good Boys from Laramie Cigarettes for the third question! This meant that sixteen points were on the line! Hitting for the triple, and gaining all sixteen points were our legacy teams playing on this night, with 2 Fast 2 Curious gaining the lead, though the Fighting Mongooses, and The Good Boys from Laramie were not far behind! Also very much in the mix amongst these teams were Team Peachie, The Zamboners and “We’re Just Happy to Beer Here!”, even though they had gained four, fifteen, and ten points respectively!

 Trivia Finale  wagering then locked in big wagers for every team, save for The Zamboners who wagered three points, “…Beer Here!” who wagered ten points, and The Good Boys from Laramie who wagered thirteen points! The answers were tough to come by on the Finale as well… and because of this, an unheralded team ended up rising to the top the pack! Finishing as runners-up were The Zamboners, but the night’s winners…

Finishing the night with 30 points, three points ahead of their closest competition, doubling up on their last place point total before the last question and walking away the winners on the night… winning their FIRST GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP… SQUAD GHOULS!

Congrats once more to Squad Ghouls, and thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy trivia at Black Lab Brewing! Thank you as well to the delicious pop-up food courtesy of Gerrard Street Bakery! We’ll see you NEXT MONTH on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23rd!
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