Top Ten Scoreboard for April 2019

May 06, 2019

  • It’s Grand Championship Grand Prix season in celebration of the SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY of Trivia Club in Toronto, and with that celebration we not only had Trivia Club in Toronto to celebrate and all the amazing competition that comes with it… but also the expansion of Trivia Club across Ontario to Mississauga, and to Edmonton, Alberta on April 30th!
  • The Grand Championship Grand Prix was ultimately a tale of two teams, and that story plays out in the Monthly Scoreboard with SEVEN of the Top Ten spots in April 2019 taken up by either Smartly Pretty or 2 Fast 2 Curious!
  • Smartly Pretty, as The Friendly Friends, take up not just the TOP SCORE of the month but the TOP TWO scores of April 2019! As The Friendly Friends they grabbed the highest score in April and also the highest score at Farside with 192 points on April 3rd at the Friendly Neighborhood ‘side to open up the 2019 Grand Championship Grand Prix!
  • Smartly Pretty, as Tech-no-logical Ro-Mance, then capped off the GCGP for 2019 with the highest score at Hitch for April, with 181 points at our Black Label location on April 29th!
  • Between those two dates Smartly Pretty, as 2 Folks 2 Mongooses would also grab the fifth highest score of April with 162 points on April 8th at Hitch!
  • Balancing the dominance of Smartly Pretty, was the consistency of 2 Fast 2 Curious! Known in the past for their consecutive appearance streak at Cardinal Rule as Last Place Team, 2 Fast 2 Curious would do one better then Smartly Pretty with FOUR appearances on the Monthly Scoreboard in April 2019, with the third and fourth highest scores of the month, as well as the eighth and tenth!
  • The last Monthly Scoreboard with a tenth highest score that crossed the Sesquicentennial Mark, which April 2019 was two points away from doing, was December 2017 the farewell month for Cardinal Rule.
  • The highest score for a team that did not win on the night, the 164.5 points from 2 Fast 2 Curious on April 29th at Hitch, was also the runner-up spot that 2 Fast 2 Curious needed to help them win the seventh annual Grand Championship Grand Prix for Trivia Club’s Golden VCR!
  • The Cunning Stunts with their 151 points on April 17th at Farside, the ninth highest score in April, are making their first Scoreboard appearance since November 2018.
  • The Unusual Suspects who are tied for the fifth highest score of April, with their 162 points scored at their debut at Farside, are making their first appearance on a Monthly Scoreboard since September 2017.
  • The only team making a repeat appearance on this month’s Scoreboard are 2 Fast 2 Curious, who have now made nine consecutive appearances, and are also four for four in 2019 with appearances on our Monthly Scoreboard!
  • Just as two teams made up the Monthly Scoreboard for this anniversary month of Trivia Club, two locations east of the DVP are also very much present! Farside has six teams who played at their location on this list, and Hitch has four teams!
  • The eleventh highest score of April 2019, the closest to the Monthly Scoreboard, is also the top score at The Rec Room and The Rec Room Roundhouse for the month with Just Threw Up In My Mouth, also known as Dead on the Inside, winning our host Russel Harder’s birthday night edition of Trivia Club with 137 points on April 2nd!
  • With two debuts to end the month, we also see new monthly high scores and all-time highs at our newest Trivia Club locations with The Rec Room! The highest score for April at The Rec Room Square One in Mississauga belongs to Three Musketeers with 96 points on April 30th! The highest score for April, also on the 30th naturally, at Edmonton’s The Rec Room South Commons belongs to Luke W.P. who scored 117 points!
  • Scoring 92 points on April 16th at The Rec Room Masonville for the monthly High Score in London were Quiz On!
  • The Mean Team of April 2019, the team with the high score closest to the Scoreboard average of 163.5 points were 2 Fast 2 Curious on April 29th.

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