Top Ten Scoreboard for May 2018

June 01, 2018

  • It's the fifth month of 2018, and the fifth consecutive appearance on the Monthly Scoreboard for the Fighting Mongooses
  • The top score for May 2018, and a rare 200 point night for Trivia Club which happened on May 14th, belongs to the Fighting Mongooses! Also the top score at Hitch for May, the Fighting Mongooses also top the Scoreboard for the very first time! A fitting follow-up to their Grand Championship winning April, I would say! 
  • The top score at The Ace for May 2018 goes to Sylvia from Marketing, who notched the new high score mark at our newest home in the 'hood of Roncy! 
  • Sylvia from Marketing tied with Wookiee Dough for the second highest score of the month, and Wookiee Dough also hold the honour of the highest score by a team that did not win the Golden VHS on the night! They, along with The Man with the Candy who scored just seven fewer points (and along with The Fighting Mongooses, made multiple appearances on the list), all put up Top Ten scores for May 2018 on May 14th, making it the most represented night of the month. 
  • The week of the 14th also saw My Fart Will Go On put on the highest score for Farside, two days later on May 16th! My Fart Will Go On are not only M. Night Shaym-Alien alumni but also the continuation of Fart School Confidential, also the fourth highest score of last month! 
  • The highest score of May 2018 at The Rec Room edition of Trivia Club, and tied for tenth highest score of the month, belongs to family team Kazamba who scored 108 points on May 15th
  • For the first time since August 2017, we have a rare Top Ten which features ELEVEN teams, thanks to a late in the month Golden VHS winning 108 points by #sorrynotsorry at Hitch on May 28th
  • The seventh and eighth highest scores of May 2018 happened at an event of Trivia Club not hosted or produced by Russel Harder! We saw the debut of our first licensed location in May! 
  • The top score at Gin Mill, hosted by Anthony, for May 2018 belongs to Drug Ford who put up 155 points on the inaugural night of Trivia Club at Gin Mill on May 23rd
  • With an eleven team Scoreboard, six of the Top High Scores belong to teams competing at Hitch in May! Two of the scores are teams competing at Gin Mill, while Farside, The Ace, and The Rec Room all have one, meaning that all five Trivia Club locations are represented! 
  • As noted at the top, the Fighting Mongooses are the only team to be making a return appearance on the Monthly Scoreboard, making them five for five in 2018. 
  • The Simple Minds finished with the twelfth highest score of the month, with their 105 points on May 16th in their first Farside appearance, keeping them juuuuust off of the board for the first time in their competition at Trivia Club and breaking a two month long streak for the team! 
  • The Mean Team for May, the team with the high score closest to the scoreboard average, is... My Fart Will Go On!

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