at Hitch: #sorrynotsorry, May 28th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 29, 2018

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After a spring break away, it was a pleasure to return to our longest running current location Hitch, which at 126 events was also just five away from being not only the second longest running ever for Trivia Club, behind just Cardinal Rule, but also hosting the second most events ever, behind Cardinal Rule (with 245) and currently Lou Dawgs (with 130)! On this night we saw a number of returns, as well as surprises, and newcomers! All on a night sponsored by the new Paramount Pictures comedy starring Johnny Knoxville, Action Point!

 Trivia Classic  saw the first round finish with a returning Matt, of the Electric Bastards, et al., flying solo on the night as Popular Matt & his many many friends! He had a point and a half lead on the Fighting Mongooses, who became solo after a round and a half as well! The returning Golden VHS CHAMPS had a four point advantage on newcomers to Trivia Club at Hitch, #sorrynotsorry, who were going for the Kathleen Wynne! Except more positive then that, because we could talk about politics all day but as long as you know why your voting (and it's not just because you like the idea of buying a beer for a buck, which I mean, holy shit...) and it has an exciting and not dystopian ring to it... REMEMBER YOU CAN, AND SHOULD VOTE! #sorrynotsorry had a three point advantage on the way the wookiee crumbles! Rounding out the field was Hans Free Solo!

 Game Show Games  then saw Popular Matt & his many many friends grab the first TOP TEN of the second round, while #sorrynotsorry still got eight points in Countdown Takedown, and the Fighting Mongooses grabbed six! In Survey Says, the Fighting Mongooses grabbed the TOP TEN, while the way the wookiee crumbles nabbed eight points, and Popular Matt grabbed six points! Combo Breakdown then led us to a face-off between the way the wookiee crumbles and Popular Matt & his many many friends! As the last team standing, Popular Matt had the chance to double up on his combo... which he did for SEVENTEEN POINTS!

This then led to a  Tri-Pardo , which started off slow with a first and second question chosen by wookiee and the Fighting Mongooses, and rolled for four and five points respectively! Popular Matt & his many many friends then chose the third question and first rolled for six points but then rolled for seventeen points! This meant that in total the round was worth twenty-eight points with a lot of that riding on the third question! The Fighting Mongooses grabbed four points, while #sorrynotsorry and the way the wookiee crumbles not only grabbed four but added the seventeen points on to that as well! Popular Matt grabbed nine points from the first two questions, but was then taken back by that third question and in losing seventeen points, went down net eight points! This meant that pre-Finale, it was a TIE between #sorrynotsorry and the way the wookiee crumbles, while Popular Matt & his many many friends now found himself in third, and the Fighting Mongooses were in fourth, but this group of four only had six points separating the whole!

In the Finale, both the Fighting Mongooses and #sorrynotsorry wagered fifty points! Popular Matt & his many many friends went all in, which meant that they now had a one point advantage on the newcomers, but the way the wookiee crumbles could still take the night by also going for broke! It was indeed a tricky Finale however, with only one team getting the last question correct...

Holding on, and winning the night on their first time out and now GOLDEN VHS CHAMPS with 108 points... #SORRYNOTSORRY! They were indeed not sorry to take home the Golden VHS, not to mention enjoy some Action Point swag as well! Finishing as runners-up on the night were the Fighting Mongooses!

 23/05/18 POINTS TABLE 
Fighting Mongooses 28 6 10 4 4 (50) 2
#sorrynotsorry 24 8 2 3 21 (50) 108
the way the
wookiee crumbles
21 2 8 6 21 (58) 0
Popular Matt & his
many many friends
29.5 10 6 17 -8 (54.5) 0
Hans Free Solo 4 4 4 0 0 (20) -8
Congrats once again to First and Gold winners, #sorrynotsorry! Thank you as well to everyone who came out and made it such a fun night of trivia at Hitch! We'll see you all again NEXT MONDAY on June 4th for the next edition of Trivia Club on the east-end!
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