at Hitch: The Man with the Candy, May 7th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 08, 2018

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With the first week of Trivia Club for our seventh season of Toronto's Greatest Game Show, we brought the competition to our longest-running current location Hitch and a 124th event! On the night, our newly crowned Grand Champion was joined by a wonderful mix of both returning and new faces!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with The Man with the Candy in first place, while the Fighting Mongooses were one man on the night but three and a half points back from the lead! In third place around the first round were newcomers Icy Fire, with The Sinking Ship returning for a solid fourth place finish in the first!

Round two saw  Game Show Games  begin with a TOP TEN in Countdown Takedown go to Icy Fire, while The Sinking Ship picked up eight points! They followed this up with The Sinking Ship getting the TOP TEN in Survey Says to bring them closer into the field, while Icy Fire grabbed eight points and found themselves in first place, even after the Fighting Mongooses grabbed two points in Survey Says. Yes, going into Combo Breakdown the NINE week streak of first place standings up until this point in the night had been broken for the Fighting Mongooses who now found themselves a point and a half back from The Man with the Candy in third! The Man with the Candy would also outlast the Fighting Mongooses in Combo Breakdown and as the last team standing, they would be awarded FIFTEEN POINTS in the third game show game!

Heading into our third round of  Tri-Pardo , it was The Man with the Candy in the lead! Icy Fire would role the first question and would role for one point! The Fighting Mongooses would role the second question for nine points! Finally The Man with the Candy would role the third question for twenty points on the first try! Yes, all together the three questions were worth thirty points, with a mighty big disparity to watch out for! The Sinking Ship would gain nine points from the second question, while the Fighting Mongooses would get ten points from the first two questions! Finally, hitting the triple for a full THIRTY POINTS and putting themselves far ahead of the field with five points separating the two teams were The Man with the Candy and Icy Fire!

In wagering on the  Finale , it was a mix of strategies as The Sinking Ship left half a point behind, while the Fighting Mongooses left four points on the board. The Man with the Candy, though they had the lead, wagered sixty-six of their points, while Icy Fire left the most on the table with a straight forward ten point wager for the last question of the night! Ultimately it was a question that everyone was able to sort out and with that answer, Icy Fire had found themselves swept to a fourth place finish even after an exceptional night, thanks to a low Finale wager! Finishing three points ahead of them were The Sinking Ship in third! Runners-up up on the night were the winners of the Grand Championship for 2018... The Fighting Mongooses! This meant that the runners-up from the week before, were Champions on this night!

Winning their FOURTH GOLDEN VHS on Trivia Club's 124th event at Hitch were the winners of the fourth event at Hitch... THE MAN WITH THE CANDY! They finished the night as well with their first Sesquicentennial Mark, becoming the fortieth team to score more then 150 points, with a new personal best high score of 162.5 points!

 07/05/18 POINTS TABLE 
Fighting Mongooses 48 0 2 4 10 (60) 124
The Man with the Candy 51.5 0 0 15 30 (66) 162.5
Icy Fire 40.5 10 8 3 30 (10) 101.5
The Sinking Ship 23.5 8 10 2 9 (52) 104.5
Congrats once again to The Man with the Candy, and thank you once again to everyone who took part this past Monday in Trivia Club at Hitch! We'll see you all again NEXT MONDAY for more Trivia Club at our Black Label location, The Red Room, your home away from home and ours, Hitch!
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