TOP TWENTY Scoreboard for 2018

December 30, 2018

  • The M. Night Shaym-Aliens set the high score mark for the past 365 early on in 2018, with 244 points on the 52nd day of the year! This 244 points, the second highest score All-Time was just three off the All-Time High Score set at the end of 2017 by the Electric Mayhem, and would be the highest score by forty points, for the rest of the calendar year! 244 points on February 21st was also the high score at Farside for 2018, and the new all-time mark for the location. 
  • 2 Fast 2 Curious set the all-time mark for The Ace with 204 points on June 27th, for the second highest score of 2018. This was just the start of a memorable run on Roncesvalles for the last house team at Cardinal Rule, the team formerly known as Last Place Team as they would go on to fourpeat to end 2018! 
  • The only other team to reach 200 points or more in 2018, and notching the highest score at Hitch for 2018, were the Fighting Mongooses! They scored 200 points on May 14th, following up their Golden VCR Grand Championship team with what was then their 10th overall Golden VHS, capping off a year that saw them come into their own as the veritable Trivia Club Team for 2018 with appearances on 11 of the 12 Monthly Scoreboards, while winning the most Golden VHS tapes over the course of the year, and make more appearances then any other team. 
  • Alumni of the All-Time High Score holders, Matt & Pat, scored 170 points on December 4th, as I’m Sorry About Venom, the high score at The Rec Room for 2018 and tied for ninth highest score of the year overall! 
  • Matt & Pat’s personal best however would be the fifth highest score of the year as Smartly Pretty, 179 points at Hitch on August 27th, good for the second highest score of 2018 at our Black Label location and a prelude to their Hitchens Cup win in September just weeks later! 
  • In total Matt & Pat or Smartly Pretty if you will, would make three appearances on the Top Twenty for 2018, with their third appearance as Fatty’s Big Chance to win said Hitchens Cup! Also making three appearances would be 2 Fast 2 Curious (with all three scores coming in the top eight of the year), while the Cunning Stunts (the only other team to have high scores in the top twenty at different locations), M. Night Shaym-Aliens (with their other high score, aside from the year's top score, giving them the inaugural Grand Championship at Farside), and The Man with the Candy (who had the 18th and 20th highest scores of 2018) all made two appearances (although My Fart Will Go On also featured Shaym-Aliens). 
  • The highest score of 2018 by a team who did not win the Golden VHS on the night belongs to the Cunning Stunts, who scored 176 points on June 27th at The Ace
  • The Cunning Stunts continue to be the only team to have appeared on every Year-End Scoreboard since Trivia Club began in 2012! 2018 is the first year since 2012 that neither the Unusual Suspects nor the Electric Mayhem have made the Year-End Scoreboard, seemingly solidifying the retirement of the Mayhem alongside the closure of Cardinal Rule
  • The Cunning Stunts had the twenty-first highest score of the year, with their 157 points on November 7th at Farside
  • The twenty-second highest score of 2018 was the highest score by a team at a licensed Trivia Club location, a location that did not have Russel Harder as a host! Trivia Club at Gin Mill in its short run ably hosted by Anthony, saw Drug Ford score 155 points on May 23rd
  • Seven scores from teams competing at Hitch appear on the Year-End Top Twenty Scoreboard! Seven scores also come from teams competing at our lo-fi late night location The Ace! Four high scores happened at Farside, with three of them coming from M. Night Shaym-Alien teams! Finally two teams competing at The Rec Room also appear in 2018’s Top Twenty! 
  • The month with the highest appearance rate on the Top Twenty with May, with six teams from the month, with May 14th at Hitch seeing three teams specifically! 
  • The Mean Team for 2018, the team with a score closest to the big board average of 176 points are the Cunning Stunts with 176 points on June 27th.

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