Top Ten Scoreboard for July 2018

August 04, 2018

  • The Simple Minds are on top of the Monthly Scoreboard for July 2018, with the 170 points at The Ace on July 11th also serving as the score that welcomed The Simple Minds into the Five Timers Club!
  • The M. White ShaMaryEns said good-bye to a team member on July 18th at Farside, but also got the top score at Farside for July 2018 with 112 points grabbing the victory at our 600th ALL-TIME Trivia Club event to give Mary a GOLDEN send off! Between this night and their victory on the 31st (July's 12th highest score) the M. Night Shaym-Aliens are on a five appearance win streak!
  • The Fighting Mongooses not only had the highest score for a team who did not win on the night, with 106 points being the month's third highest score overall on July 18th, they would also notch the high score at Hitch for July 2018 with 88 points on July 9th!
  • These two appearances would not only make the Fighting Mongooses the only team to make multiple appearances on the Monthly Scoreboard for July 2018, they also continue the Mongooses' streak of SEVEN CONSECUTIVE Scoreboard appearances, spanning the entirety of 2018 so far!
  • This is the second consecutive appearance for The Simple Minds as well as the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, and the fourth consecutive appearance for Shelby of the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, on the Monthly Scoreboard!
  • Suck It Trebek have the highest score of the month at The Rec Room, with their 92 points at our July 3rd event!
  • In total The Rec Room have three teams who competed at the location, in the Top Ten this month, while both Hitch and Farside also have three! The Ace only has only has one team who competed at the location on the July 2018 Scoreboard, but with the number one score of the month it was all they needed!
  • The eleventh highest score of the month belongs to Team Name who scored 64 points on July 3rd!
  • The Mean Team for July 2018, the team with the high score closest to the Monthly Scoreboard average are... Suck It Trebek!

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