at Farside: Fighting Mongooses, August 1st 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

August 02, 2018

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It was a tight fight for the Golden VHS at our Friendly Neighborhood 'side of the currently under construction street! Thank you all for making it out, though track work truly did not make it the easiest! These three returning teams were looking to etch there team names into the continuing legacy of Toronto's Greatest Game Show at Farside!

Round one, our  Trivia Classic , saw Andy Winners Czar return to Farside and take the lead in the first round by just a single point over the Fighting Mongooses! With half the points of the leaders but just as much gumption were Brewers Yeast Infection! Like the Fighting Mongooses, BYI were looking for their first Golden VHS at Farside, while Andy Winners Czar wanted to put TWO-TIME CHAMPS on their resumes!

 Game Show Games  gave the lead team the initial advantages with the first TOP TEN on Countdown Takedown, as Andy Winners Czar games the Fighting Mongooses after the Mongooses had done so to Brewers Yeast Infection. Brewers Yeast Infection still had a lot of fight in them, as they gained the TOP TEN in Survey Says, while the Fighting Mongooses grabbed another eight points and the overall lead, after Andy Winners Czar added four points from our second game in the second round! Finally it was a highly competitive Combo Breakdown, but Brewers Yeast Infection proved the last team standing for a huge NINETEEN POINTS that have them a three and a half point lead on Andy Winners Czar, and a four and a half point lead on the Fighting Mongooses, heading into Tri-Pardo!

With  Tri-Pardo , the Fighting Mongooses rolled the first question for five points, while Andy Winners Czar rolled the second question for seventeen points, and Brewers Yeast Infection rolled the third question for a NAT TWENTY! This put forty-two points on the line, and our teams came out swinging! The leaders Brewers Yeast Infection answered the first and second questions correctly but lost big points on the third question (whose correct answer they had written down but redacted) to gain only two points total! Meanwhile Andy Winners Czar answered both the second and third questions incorrectly, losing them thirty-seven of their thirty-nine and a half points! Ultimately it was the Fighting Mongooses who would have the most successful third round, and even if they got the first question incorrect they would answer the second and third questions correctly and gain thirty-two points in the process!

Heading into the  Finale  it was a balance of how much the Mongooses were looking to wager, and if there competition was willing to go all in! The competitors indeed went all for it, with former Champs Andy Winners Czar leaving just half a point behind! Meanwhile the Fighting Mongooses were able to leave eleven of their points on the board as insurance!

That was insurance they infact needed, as the question in the finale proved eggseptionally difficult! Andy Winners Czar finished as the runners-up on the night with half a point... and with eleven points, winning their TWELVTH GOLDEN VHS... and first not only at Farside, but anywhere outside of Hitch... the FIGHTING MONGOOSES!

 01/08/18 POINTS TABLE 
Brewer’s Yeast Infection 8 6 10 19 2 (45) 90
Andy Winners Czar 16.5 10 4 9 -37 (2) 0.5
Fighting Mongooses 15.5 8 8 7 32 (59.5) 11
Congrats to the Mongooses who are now two-thirds of the way to a Triple Crown! Thank you to everyone who came out to Farside and made it so much fun to have trivia even in deep deep construction! We'll see you all again in TWO WEEKS on Wednesday, August 15th!
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