at The Rec Room: Sparkles, August 7th 2018 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

August 09, 2018

We were flooded with possibilities at The Rec Room, but otherwise stayed dry during Rainpocalypse 2018! Yes, all new teams took part in Trivia Club, and with those new teams were many a fun mix of family, friends, and loved ones! Who would be victorious? How happy of a birthday would it be? Hopefully you have the Yiddish word for celebration on the tip of your tongue because Toronto's Greatest Game Show was taking place in the Three10 restaurant in The Roundhouse!

After a first round lead to close out  Trivia Classic , it was Sparkles with the initial swag and The Bears with additional treats! Not that far behind however were The Miseducation of Veronica Palacios, followed by The Ball Hands, QUEEN$, and a tie between Chicharito, and Angels!

This then led to a dangerous  Tri-Pardo  that saw the only team coming out on the positive side of things being The Miseducation of Veronica Palacios, and on her birthday no less! Though Sparkles would loss points, they would only be less four points in the second round and still stay in second place before our Finale question!

With the  Trivia Finale , Sparkles proved wise with their wagering of everything save for 1.5 points, leaving them with 1.5 points while the rest of the field wagered everything and the house, meaning that The Miseducation of Veronica Palacios were runners-up on the night with minus half a point, while SPARKLES won their FIRST GOLDEN VHS!

Congrats once again to Sparkles, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room this past Tuesday! We will see you all again AUGUST 14th for the next edition of Trivia Club TUESDAYS at The Rec Room! Remember to RESERVE your table on-line or over the phone, and specify 'TRIVIA'!
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