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April 02, 2012

Cardinal Rule - WEDNESDAY The Original Home of Trivia Club! Live events at the intersection of Roncesvalles and Parkdale began on a monthly occasion in 2012 before shifting to a bi-weekly, and finally weekly Wednesday show in early 2013 that ran until the end of 2017! With a long list of All-Time Trivia Club teams competing, legacies were built, and history was written on the west-end over 245 events. Click the location name for more details.

Hitch - MONDAY Our Black Label location was a bi-weekly event from September 2013 to September 2017, then weekly for a time, before shifting back to a more comfortable twice monthly schedule in the summer of 2018. It was home to a select group of highly competitive and reliable east-end regulars. In total Trivia Club ran at Hitch for 2,345 days or 6 years, 5 months, and 1 day, as well as the second-most events. Click the location name for more details.

Lou Dawgs - TUESDAY The Beer League! At this former location, near Ryerson University, Trivia Club ran weekly on Tuesday from March of 2014 until the end of 2016. With 130 events at Lou Dawgs, it was for a time the second most competed at location in Trivia Club's history. Click the location name for more details.

Black Lab Brewing - POP-UP  Inspired by their trusty and loyal black Labrador mix named Snoopy, Black Lab has a simple vision in mind; to produce quality beers! Trivia Club at Black Lab has that same vision in mind, with POP-UP trivia at this pup-friendly spot, that may have a pet-theme to some questions but the same structure that you know and love!

Thompson Diner - THURSDAY The Diner brought Trivia Club to Bathurst and Wellington, just south of King, for two events in August and September of 2019, providing further lessons of expansion even seven years into our journey. David Bowie's Corporate Whores won the night on our inaugural event at the base of what was once the Thompson Hotel, while the M. Night Shaym-Aliens supported us across both events.

The Ace - WEDNESDAY  For twenty events, beginning in March of 2018 on the second Wednesday of the month, and running every second and fourth Wednesday until the end of February 2019, this beautiful diner in Roncesvalles, was a wonderful late night lo-fi fit for Trivia Club in the west-end of Toronto. Though the stay was limited, the location proved important to a number of Trivia Club teams, both new and returning, not to mention the first post-Cardinal Rule location in the west-end for Trivia Club.

Handlebar - TUESDAY  Beginning in December of 2013 on the first Tuesday of each month, this monthly event took place in Kensington and saw competition from (and Golden VHS Championships for) PETE! and the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, as well as a win by the Cunning Stunts during the Grand Championship Prix of April 2014. The I Didn't Do It Dancers with 116 points are the highest scoring team at Handlebar, doing so at our final event in Kensington Market.  The last regular event was in October of 2014. Our first stage-set event, Trivia Club's visual presentation matured at Handlebar.

Gladestone Hotel - TUESDAY Running for two events, on September and October of 2013, our Gladstone events proved as much a learning experience for the business of Trivia Club as it was an expansion location for our participants. The Angry Beavers won the first event, with a field that included the Electric Mayhem and the Cunning Stunts, and The No. 2s won the second event, and would later compete at both Cardinal Rule and Lou Dawgs. 

Wychwood Pub - TUESDAY The first expansion location outside of Cardinal Rule, the twelve events at Wychwood Pub ran from August to November in 2013. These events, weekly on Tuesday, proved the potential of expansion outside of Cardinal Rule for Trivia Club. The Raglans, notably, are the first Five Timers Club members outside of Cardinal Rule. The Bracondale Bunch however are the highest score team at this location with 118 points on October 29th, 2013. PETE! also took part at a Wychwood Pub trivia event.

Gin Mill - WEDNESDAY Our first licensed location was hosted by Anthony Couto, the first new host of Trivia Club and only the third person that isn't Russel Harder to ever host Trivia Club! The TCEU had truly expanded! Even though the event lasted just three weeks at the upper floor of the Bloor West bar in May and June of 2018, it saw appearances from the likes of Lt. Dance and the M. Night Shaym-Aliens, and was an exciting step in an all-new direction for Trivia Club!

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