Live Events

April 02, 2012

Live events are the cornerstone of Trivia Club! In this section you’ll see what is coming up, what has recently occurred, and more details about all of our locations.

Current Locations - all the information on where and when you can find Trivia Club, as well as stats and milestones for each location.

Previous Locations - sometimes we have to discontinue events at a location, for any number of reasons. We still have participants to celebrate from the past however, and memories to relive!

Upcoming Events - check out our weekly live stream from the Trivia Clubhouse on YouTube!

Past Events - for every event is a recap of that event, and beginning in August of 2016 the event recaps moved from Facebook to the .CA! Enjoy this look back at the history of Trivia Club!

Annual Events -  here you will find all the information on each of our Grand Championship events: The Roundhouse Royale, Uncle Rubberknee's Head of Class, and of course, the Golden VCR and its Grand Championship Grand Prix! We also link to previous annual events at the specific previous legacy location.

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