April 02, 2012

Trivia Club is a lot of things, but yes 90% of Trivia Club is our weekly and bi-weekly events throughout Toronto! This is where you can find the 5% (that isn't Extra Curricular fun, of course) which shines a spotlight on our love for pop culture that doesn't come in the form of a question or answer. These are our website Features, the magazine articles, the newsletter pieces, the content!

Trivia Club Member Card - who participates Trivia Club? These folks! Our Trivia Club Member Cards celebrate long-time players, and their teams, by immortalizing them on playing cards! Get to know your friends and rivals!

Trivia Club Comedy 100 - the Comedy 100 is a crowd-sourced, community-voted list that looks to rank funny people from the past calendar year on their merits as performers in the world of comedy. Comedy is subjective, different things are funny to different people. We wanted to see where the similarities and differences lie and where it all might intersect.

Ask Trivia Club - have a question related to pop culture, comics, movies, or music, to trivia that you need a second opinion on? Heck, even a first-rate opinion? Ask Trivia Club’s host Russel Harder anything! Posit your question on twitter @trivia_club

Quarterly Awards - or Q+A for short, celebrate everything cool and creative, and anything that might be interesting to those who participate in Trivia Club!

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