Top Ten Scoreboard for January 2020

February 03, 2020

  • To start off 2020, it’s almost fitting that 2 Fast 2 Curious is our first team atop the Monthly Scoreboards! With 168 points at Farside on January 15th, 2 Fast 2 Curious had the highest score at the Friendly Neighbourhood ‘side for the first month of the year as well as the highest score of the year so far!
  • Tied for the second highest score of January 2020, with the highest score at Hitch for the antepenultimate edition at our longest-running location, Matt Smith as Cuba Gooding Junior Bacon Cheeseburger scored 158 points on January 13th!
  • Also with the second highest score of the month, and with the highest score at The Rec Room Roundhouse, and The Rec Room as a whole for January 2020, were Cookiefaced who also scored 158 points, this time on January 28th! It would be the first win of an eventual THREEPEAT as well!
  • The fourth highest score would belong to the team who would finish as runners-up to Cookiefaced on the night and thus would be the highest score for a team who would not walk away with the Golden VHS on the night. The Questionables scored 138 points on January 28th at The Rec Room Roundhouse.
  • With the sixth highest score of January 2020, at the penultimate edition of Trivia Club at our Black Label location of Hitch were (new new) new Mongoose order, who had 126 points on the night of January 27th.
  • In total, six high scores took place in Toronto for the monthly scoreboard, an all-time low and potentially a sign of things to come as Trivia Club continues to expand across Canada with The Rec Room! Two high scores a piece took place at Hitch, Farside, and The Rec Room Roundhouse! The location with the MOST high scores is also our newest with three teams competing at The Rec Room Deerfoot in Calgary having a spot on the Monthly Scoreboard, the first time for a location outside of Toronto with teams in the most spots!
  • With a three-way tie for the ninth highest score of the month there are actually eleven teams in this Top Ten Scoreboard.
  • The highest score outside of Trivia Club’s home city of Toronto belongs to Syd’s Leaving, who scored 124 on January 21st at The Rec Room Deerfoot in Calgary! Runners-up at the event The Greatest of All Time finished with the ninth highest score of the month, just six points behind, with 118 points.
  • Also with 118 points, outside of Toronto, were No Name Brand who scored that total on January 21st as well, at The Rec Room West Ed in Edmonton!
  • The month’s eighth highest score was also the highest score at The Rec Room Avalon in St. John’s, as Trivia Club returned to Newfoundland and Labrador on a Wednesday! It was also our first event back in the New Year on January 29th, as the massive snowstorm delayed a lot of things to begin 2020. Root Scootin’ Boogie scored 122 points!
  • The highest score just outside of the monthly scoreboard is also the highest score at The Rec Room Masonville in London, where Technically Correct scored 112 points on January 14th!
  • At our other Trivia Club locations, in Mississauga at The Rec Room Square One, TPIC scored 72 points on January 21st for the highest score of the month, and in South Edmonton at The Rec Room Commons, Skoden scored 64 points on January 14th.
  • The Questionables make their fifth consecutive appearance on these Monthly Scoreboards, while Wookiee see their appearance streak broken at four! Making their second consecutive appearances to end last year and start this one, are Cookiefaced, and Matt Smith, while Technically Correct juuuust miss out!
  • The Mean Team, the team with the high score that is closest to the Scoreboard average for January of 134 points are The Questionables who scored 138 points on January 28th at The Rec Room Roundhouse!


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