at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Cookiefaced, January 28th 2020 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 29, 2020

What a wild night of competition at The Rec Room Roundhouse! We brought Trivia Club back into The Hall this past Tuesday in Toronto, and in doing so were joined by thirteen teams who were all vying for that Golden VHS! It was a mix of new faces, returning faces, and our regular teams at The Rec Room!

 Trivia Classic  came to an end with a tight field of competition, wherein seven points separated eleven teams! The Questionables held the lead on the field, on their fifty-first appearance, with a three point lead on Flutterbye Fairies! Flutterbye Fairies themselves were tied with newcomers Anonymouss, and those two teams had a half point advantage on Kyle & Friends! One and a half points back from the reigning Golden VHS winners were Cookiefaced, who were making their twelfth consecutive appearance, who were tied with another team of competitive newcomers in Parks and Rec Room! Half a point back from those two teams were friends of The Questionables, Leppenly Star Warners! They had a half point advantage of their own on Death from Above, also known as Dead on the Inside, who was in sixth place though was just six points off the lead. Team 4 Short were one point back from the man in the elevated seat, Death from Above! Tied in eighth place, three points behind 4 Short, were SMS and Onions Make Me Sad :(, and Onions themselves were former Golden VHS winners in January of 2018! Rounding out this tight field were The Black Mambas (RIP Kobe)!

 Game Show Games  were written down, with this large field in The Hall, and that meant that Countdown Takedown was blindly guessed with no help from the teams lower in the rankings (don’t worry the leaders in round one got sweat prizes for their advantage) and Survey Says gave everyone a shot at that Top Ten! Countdown Takedown saw a close wager unfortunately go over, and The Sacred-est grab the TOP TEN! Flutterbye Fairies would grab eight points, while The Questionables picked up six! Leppenly Star Warners would also grab four points, giving Death from Above a two point answer! Then in Survey Says it was Cookiefaced and The Sacred-est who both garnered that TOP TEN result, while Star Warners, The Questionables, Flutterbye Fairies, and SMS all guessed the eight point answer, Anonymouss guessed the six point answer, and all other teams nabbed four points!

With a tight field, it was even more important for the team that could take the night to have a big  Tri-Pardo  round and that round given big points to win as well! Kyle & Friends rolled the first category for eight points, while Onions Make Me Sad :( rolled the second category for nineteen points, and Team 4 Short rolled the third category for fifteen points, meaning a potential 42 points were available to be won! Two teams hit for the triple, Onions Make Me Sad :( and Cookiefaced, meaning that Cookiefaced were in the lead, while Onions were now tied with Flutterbye Fairies and both teams were just a point behind The Questionables! Both The Questionables and Fairies were able to gain twenty-three points, alongside Death from Above and Parks and Rec Room, who were fourth and fifth before the Finale but had some ground to make up!

 Trivia Finale  wagering saw Cookiefaced go all-in on their big point night, as did The Questionables! It would be a final question that any team who wanted to win would have to get it correct… and four of the thirteen were able to answer correctly! Kyle & Friends were one of those teams, but they only had the points to finish in fourth with 80.5 points, while Dead from Above finished in third with 105 points. Runners-up on the night were The Questionables with 138 points.

This meant that the GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONS on the night with their FOURTEENTH win and second of 2020 already, and once again the Linear Champions, were COOKIEFACED! Cookiefaced finished the night with 158 points, their fourth Sesquicentennial Mark, one of only fourteen teams to do so!

Congrats once again to Cookiefaced, and thank you to everyone who was able to join us for Trivia Club Tuesday at The Rec Room! See how teams compare Across Canada by clinking HERE, and join us again next TUESDAY on February 4th! We’ll also be back at The Rec Room Roundhouse for Red Carpet Oscar Trivia before the Academy Awards on SUNDAY February 9th, before we enjoy a night of Oscars, Game Show Games, Oscar Bingo, and Oscar Picks!
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