at Farside - THE TRIVIAL AWARDS: Ajulmah, March 4th 2020 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

March 07, 2020

Trivia Club’s fourth annual Trivial Awards took place this past Wednesday at Farside! Celebrating some of the most notable teams and moments in the past year of Trivia Club, the Trivial Awards were created by The Academy of Cultural Questions & Answers (the acronym is pronounced Aqua, because I’m a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World), and though Russel Harder is currently the only member of The Academy that doesn’t make these awards any less legitimate then ones decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press! Awards were indeed handed out, framed around the 46th Trivia Club event at the Friendly Neighbourhood ‘side! This meant that new teams were taking apart along with first time participants as well! Teams wouldn’t be the only thing new on this night either!
 Trivia Classic  came to a close with the Trivial Award-winning Cunning Stunts returning to Farside to take the lead! They held a seven-and-a-half-point lead on their nearest competition, the Super Mongoose Bros. otherwise known as Trivial Award winners The Fighting Mongooses who were not only returning to Farside, but they were also making their first appearance at Trivia Club since The Last Round at Hitch! Three points behind them were Ajulmah, and though the name was brand new, half the team were familiar from Hitch as The Man with the Candy! Four points back from Ajulmah were Trivial Award winners Cookiefaced, who were made their first appearance outside of The Rec Room Roundhouse on this night of Trivia Club celebration and it was great to have them stamp a new location on their Trivia Club passport! Rounding out the Top Five were Trivial Award winners The Last Shaym-Alien ft. Benji! Joel, The Last Shaym-Alien, had previously been joined by Benji at Lou Dawgs for Trivia Club! Nibbler the Great, a newcomer on the night, was in sixth place with a half a point lead on seventh place team The D-P’s, while Just Cassie was in eighth, a full point behind Nibbler the Great!

 Game Show Games  then began with a Countdown Takedown that saw Ajulmah swing big and take the ten point answer for themselves! This brought them within half a point of the Cunning Stunts who were left pointless, while the Super Mongoose Bros. took the lead with the eight point answer. Getting six points were Cookiefaced, while The Last Shaym-Alien nabbed four points, as did Nibbler the Great! Survey Says then saw the Cunning Stunts with the first guess, and a great one it was, for eight points! Ajulmah however continued their ace second round with another ten point answer! With the six point answer were The D-P’s, while Super Mongoose Bros. nabbed four points, and Cookiefaced wrapped up the game with the final guess for two points! Then it was time to unveil a NEW GAME SHOW… called TOP TEN! Following the spirit of Combo Breakdown, Top Ten allows teams to make one guess within a specific Top Ten with the further down the Ten they go netting them more points! The number one answer might be more obvious but it’s only a single point, and number ten may be less obvious… but it’s in fact the TOP TEN points! And if you guess the eleventh spot? Unfortunately you get zero points! The Last Shaym-Alien gained one point in this inaugural game, while the Cunning Stunts grabbed two points! Getting six points were the Super Mongoose Bros., and with eight points were The D-P’s! Getting the TOP TEN with the first guess however, once again connecting on a big guess, Ajulmah!

This meant that heading into  Tri-Pardo , The Man with the Candy’s Ajulmah team-up had taken a strong lead against a strong field on this Trivial Awards night! Rolling for the first category and putting seventeen points into the first question for round three were The D-P’s, while rolling for the second category making it a sixteen point question was Just Cassie! Finally with the third category it was Cookiefaced’s turn and they rolled seven points for the question (almost three consecutive times as well, mind you)! This meant a solid forty points were on the line! It proved a difficult third question however so no team would get the triple, but multiple teams were gain thirty-three points from the first and second categories! With an additional thirty-three points were Ajulmah, as well as the Super Mongoose Bros., Cookiefaced, and The D-P’s! Cunning Stunts gained sixteen points from the second category, while losing seventeen points were The Last Shaym-Alien ft. Benji!

 Trivia Finale  wagering saw a selection of blind wagers at play with six points left behind by Super Mongoose Bros. while only twenty points were wagered by The D-P’s. Cookiefaced had a half point advantage on the Cunning Stunts, but both teams went all in! Also going all-in were Ajulmah, keeping their lead on both the Mongoose Bros. and the wider field! This meant that to win on Trivial Awards night it meant that the team would have to answer that last question correctly…

Finishing as runners-up on the night with an impressive 166 points were the Super Mongoose Bros. Cookiefaced would end the night one point ahead of the Cunning Stunts, in third, 138 points to 137 points! Ending the night with 190 points however, the fifth highest score all-time at Farside, it’s the FIRST GOLDEN VHS for AJULMAH and the FIFTH for those in The Man with the Candy! Five Timers Club? FIVE TIMERS CLUB!

Congrats once again to Ajulmah, who also win the Linear Championship, and thank you to everyone who was able to make it out and take part in Trivia Club this past Wednesday! It’s always a pleasure to put together the Trivial Awards, thank you for allowing this fun and trivial idea to continue to roll along! We’ll see you again in TWO WEEKS on March 18th at Farside for a St. Patrick’s Day hangover, and in 2021 for the fifth annual Trivial Awards!
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