at The Rec Room Canada: January 21st 2020 TOP FIVE

January 22, 2020

Welcome one and all to a recap of Trivia Club at  THE REC ROOM  across Canada! We’re celebrating the CHAMPIONS and the TOP SCORES at The Rec Room locations in Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario, looking at how they did on the night, and how they stack up against each other! Last week on January 14th it was Technically Correct at Masonville in London with the high score Canada-wide at Trivia Club! The TOP FIVE SCORES for Trivia Club at The Rec Room for the week of January 21st, 2020 breakdown as follows:

Our 2nd event at Deerfoot in  CALGARY  hosted by South Side Trivia's Sammy Jurkowski (not pictured), saw two teams go head-to-head with Syd's Leaving leaving The Greatest of All Time to settle for second place, as Syd's Leaving scored 124 points and put the Calgary team atop the Canada-wide scoreboard for the first time, while The Greatest of All Time tied for the second-highest score in Canada with 118 points! Both teams are pictured... and more! Cunning Chimeras, our Champs from last week, came in fourth on this night with 88 points which was four points behind Trivially Impaired who had 92 points!

The 28th event at the West Edmonton Mall in  EDMONTON  hosted by CTV's Graham Neil (not pictured), saw No Name Brand make their third appearance and win their first event with the second highest score in Canada, 118 points! Runners-up on the night Happy Bday Trev couldn't get Trev the win but they did get him 108 points, which was Canada's fifth highest score!

With  LONDON ’s Masonville location, and host Justin Gayle (center, thumbs up), Trifecta became just the third team to win at least four Trivia Club Championships in London! With a score of 110 points, Trifecta win their first event of 2020 and gain Canada's fourth highest score of the week, keeping it from being an all-Alberta Top Five. Runners-up on the night were a familiar face in The Dairy-Based Projectiles making their first appearance of 2020, while Last Week's Losers were this week's third place with 90 points. Last week's winners Technically Correct finished in fourth with 88 points, with Tokyo Sushi returning with an 82 point finish in the Top Five (top five top five)!

The 30th event at  MISSISSAUGA ’s Square One location of The Rec Room with host Jeewan Gill (center, thumbs up) saw TPIC win on the night with a commanding 72 points! Birthday Boy was runner-up in Mississauga with 18 points.

Congratulations to all those who won the week at Trivia Club at The Rec Room this past Tuesday, and thank you to everyone who came out to play! Join in NEXT TUESDAY on January 28th at The Rec Room for more Trivia Club in Calgary, Edmonton, London, Mississauga, and Toronto! We return to St. John's on Wednesday, January 29th, state of emergency permitting! Stay warm and stay entertained! Click on the Top Five tag to see Canada-wide high scores and Champions from past weeks!

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