at Farside: 2 Fast 2 Curious, May 1st 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

May 02, 2019

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Following up our seventh annual Grand Championship Grand Prix it was time for our return to Farside, as the first Wednesday of May fell in the 1st of May! As the eighth season of Trivia Club begins we would see if a new Champion would be crowned or if a Grand Champion would add another VHS to their collection!

Our first round of  Trivia Classic  saw the Cunning Stunts return to once again chase their first win since last April, edging their way ever closer to the elusive 69th Golden VHS! Half a point behind the Cunning Stunts however were our brand new Grand Champions of Trivia Club, 2 Fast 2 Curious, while Fuck Billy Zane returned and were nine points away from the Cunning Stunts! Three and a half points back in fourth were Bimbersnots and rounding out the Top Five (top five top five) were Team Alfie!

 Game Show Games  then began with Box Office Bullseye with 2 Fast 2 Curious juuust off the bullseye, for five points, while Fuck Billy Zane were also able to pick up five points! Then in Survey Says, 2 Fast 2 Curious were able to pick up the TOP TEN, while Team Alfie! gained eight points, the Cunning Stunts six points, and Fuck Billy Zane nabbed a solid two points. Finally in Countdown Takedown, the Cunning Stunts were able to pick up the TOP TEN, while Fuck Billy Zane grabbed eight points, and 2 Fast 2 Curious picked up six!

This lead us to a  Tri-Pardo  in which 2 Fast 2 Curious had gained a four and a half point lead on the Cunning Stunts from the Box Office Bullseye, but the 2017 Grand Champions were only one Pardo question (conceivably) away from overtaking the 2019 Grand Champions! The Cunning Stunts rolled the first question for nineteen points, while Fuck Billy Zane rolled the second question for twelve points, and finally Team Alfie! rolled the third question for fourteen points, meaning a traditional forty-five points were on the line. Fuck Billy Zane grabbed twenty-six points from the second and third questions, while both the Cunning Stunts aaaand 2 Fast 2 Curious hit for the triple and added those forty-five points to their total.

With the  Trivia Finale  ahead of them, 2 Fast 2 Curious had the choice of the last category of the night, and with the blind wager every team went all in... save for half a point saved by Fuck Billy Zane. Yes, the smallest point total was still on the board, opening the game up to a moment that had only occured once before in nearly 700 nights. The Golden VHS win, with only half a point.

Tonight would not be known for that however, as only Team Alfie! was felled by the Finale. This meant that Fuck Billy Zane finished in a strong third, while the Cunning Stunts finished in the runner-up spot with yet another Sesquicentennial Mark, not to mention what was now the fifth highest score at Farside, but still no Golden VHS in more then 365 days!

Winning their TWENTY-THIRD GOLDEN VHS, and fourth at Farside, just two days after taking home the Golden VCR... 2 FAST 2 CURIOUS! They finished the night with 188 points, the third highest score in the history of Farside, and are now repeat Champs at the Friendly Neighbourhood 'side as well!

 01/05/19 POINTS TABLE 
2 Fast 2 Cuious 28 5 10 6 45 (94) 188
Fuck Billy Zane 19.5 5 2 8 26 (60) 120.5
Cunning Stunts 28.5 0 6 10 45 (89.5) 179
Team Alfie! 14.5 0 8 4 14 (40.5) 0
Congratulations once more to 2 Fast 2 Curious, and thank you to everyone who joined in for a fun night of Trivia Club at the Friendly Neighbourhood 'side this past Wednesday. Thank you as well to Fox Searchlight for providing prizes for their new film Tolkien, in theatres soon!

We'll see you in TWO WEEKS time for the 700th edition of Trivia Club in Toronto, as we return to Farside on May 15th for our latest edition of Canada's Greatest Game Show!
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