at Farside: The Friendly Friends, April 3rd 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

April 04, 2019

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It was a post-Birthday celebration at the twenty-eighth Farside event for our host and the FIRST of SIX events to decide the newest names to be permanently etched on the Golden VCR! The Grand Championship Grand Prix had begun once again in April, to help decide all of Trivia Club's seventh annual Grand Champion! Tonight would be the first step towards seeing which name would sit beside Sam Rockwell, Sexy Dumpster Teens, The Electric Bastards, David Bowie's Corporate Whores, Cunning Stunts, and the Fighting Mongooses! Once again placement would be just as important over the course of the month as points were on the night!

 Trivia Classic  concluded with Smartly Pretty returning to Farside for the second time, and on this night known as The Friendly Friends! They were game in the Royale and with that held a TWELVE point lead the on nearest competitor in the returning The Unusual Suspects! Those Suspects had not participated since March of 2018, but had a half point advantage on the new comers in Featuring Peter! Though PETE! had been featured in the past at Trivia Club, this was an all new quintet! In fourth place were the Fighting Mongooses who were set to defend their Golden VCR emblazoned name and not more then half a point behind were 2 Fast 2 Curious! Rounding out the field were the team on the corner of the bar with a name so confusing that we named them as such!

 Game Show Games  then began with Box Office Bullseye and with it, the teams in the lead strengthened their lead as The Friendly Friends and The Unusual Suspects both gained five points, while the Fighting Mongooses added an additional two point advantage on 2 Fast 2 Curious! Survey Says then saw Featuring Peter regain ground with the TOP TEN, while the Unusual Suspects returned that with eight points, and the only team left pointless were the Fighting Mongooses. Finally in Countdown Takedown the Friendly Friends used their leaders advantage to game 2 Fast 2 Curious, while the team at the corner of the bar hedged their initial bet from what would be closest to the furthest and was thus left pointless!

 Tri-Pardo  then saw both a lot at stake for some teams and a lead that needed to be kept for the Smartly Pretty's duo of The Friendly Friends! The Friendly Friends rolled for four points on the first question, while the Fighting Mongooses rolled for eighteen on the second question, and The Unusual Suspects added another thirteen points to the third question! The Pardo questions all together added a potential thirty-five points to the proceedings! Hitting for the triple were 2 Fast 2 Curious, The Unusual Suspects, and The Friendly Friends! This kept those Friendly Friends in the lead, and with a long-term goal in mind!

They knew in this night that the Unusual Suspects may not be an all month opponent, but still decided to go for broke... so for the  Trivia Finale , The Friendly Friends went all in! The Unusual Suspects left two on the board, but still outpaced 2 Fast 2 Curious who were in third. Featuring Peter had in fact held a half point lead on 2 Curious before the last question, but only went half in on the final question! Ultimately... all teams for the team at the corner of the bar would answer the last question correctly!

This meant that finishing the night with 192 points, the second highest score in the history of Trivia Club at Farside, and an initial strong lead for the Grand Championship in 2019... THE FRIENDLY FRIENDS! The dynamic duo of Smartly Pretty also become the latest team to win a Triple Crown at Trivia Club and only the fourth team to win an Active Triple Crown of a VHS at Hitch, The Rec Room, and Farside!

 03/04/19 POINTS TABLE 
2 Fast 2 Curious 25 0 6 8 35 (74) 148
Fighting Mongooses 25.5 2 0 4 17 (18.5) 67
Unusual Suspects 32 5 8 2 35 (80) 162
Featuring Peter 31.5 0 10 6 27 (37) 111.5
The Friendly Friends 44 5 2 10 35 (96) 192
Corner of the Bar 12 0 4 0 22 (38) 0
Congratulations once again to The Friendly Friends, and thank you to everyone who joined us at Farside to begin our SEVENTH ANNUAL GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP for the Golden VCR! We will see you in TWO WEEKS on April 17th for more Trivia Club at Farside and NEXT MONDAY at Hitch for the next stage of our Grand Prix for the Golden VCR on April 8th!
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