Top Ten Scoreboard for January 2019

February 04, 2019

  • Due to fewer overall events to start 2019, we have a deeper range then normal of scores, with much of the list existing below the 100 point total! Topping the Monthly Scoreboard is a notable team for a number of reasons, as 2 Fast 2 Curious tops the list with 155 points on a night at Farside on January 16th that was not only their first win on their first appearance at the Friendly Neighborhood ‘side, but also their twentieth overall VHS win on their one-hundredth overall appearance at Trivia Club!
  • The second highest score of January 2019 is also the highest score by a team who did not win the Golden VHS on the night, also on January 16th which saw five high scores on the Top Ten, with the M. Night Shaym-Aliens grabbing 146 points in a losing effort.
  • The highest score of the month at The Rec Room Roundhouse belongs to Suck It Trebek, who also have the fourth highest score overall in January, with 95 points on January 8th. Two weeks later the team would become the latest members of Trivia Club’s Five Timers Club!
  • At what would be the penultimate event at The Ace on January 9th, The What Watsons would gain the highest score at our late night lo-fi location, good for sixth overall in the month of January 2019!
  • With the highest score of January 2019 at Hitch, but the twelfth highest score of the month and thus not appearing on the scoreboard, the Fighting Mongooses scored 39 points on January 28th! This would be just the second time in thirteen months that the highly competitive house team at Hitch and reigning Golden VCR Grand Champs haven’t appeared on a Monthly Scoreboard!
  • The eleventh highest score of January, the closest to making it on the last, belongs to the Witty Mongooses (no relation to our Fighting kind who make their home at Hitch) who scored 50 points on January 8th at The Rec Room Roundhouse!
  • With a new year, and a new host at our London location, we also wanted to spotlight the highest score at The Rec Room Masonville! The Gamemasters scored 74 points on January 16th, good for the seventh highest score at our London, Ontario Trivia Club night!
  • Overall in the Monthly Top Ten for January 2019, The Rec Room Masonville would see two teams competing at the location appear on our Scoreboard! A first for the location! Three more teams at The Rec Room Roundhouse would also make an appearance in the Top Ten! One team competing at The Ace would land on the Top Ten, while four teams from the same night at Farside would see themselves on the Scoreboard.
  • 2 Fast 2 Curious make their sixth consecutive Monthly Scoreboard appearance. As noted above, the three month streak of the Fighting Mongooses to close out 2018 was snapped in January. One Man Army + also had a two month streak end.
  • The Mean Team of January 2019, the team with the high score closest to the Scoreboard average of 95 points, are both Suck It Trebek and Kwik-E-Smarts!

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