at The Rec Room Roundhouse: Suck It Trebek, January 29th 2019 TRIVIA CLUB CHAMPS

January 30, 2019

The Rec Room Roundhouse hit the ice and brought you an exciting night of trivia goodness in Toronto, for the sixty-fifth edition of Trivia Club at The Rec Room Roundhouse! On a freezing cold night just a day after snowmageddon rocked The Big Smoke, would a new team rise to the occasion or would a returning group of faces bring home the Gold?!

 Trivia Classic , our first round, came to a conclusion with Suck It Trebek in the lead! Making their nineteenth appearance, Suck It Trebek, our veritable house team in The Roundhouse, had a two point lead on BW cubed! This quartet of newcomers had a one point lead on The Cartographers for Social Equality! Fighting for that equality on a night when their usual trivia event had been cancelled, they held a one point lead on The Fecal Transplants #SaveTheKoalas who were making their seventh appearance and fighting for their first victory! Rounding out the Top Five (top five top five) were The Replacements! Finishing out the field after the first round were Metrolinx, as well as Marge!

 Tri-Pardo , our second round at The Rec Room Roundhouse, saw The Replacements roll for nineteen points for the first category, Cartographers for Social Equality follow that up with a TWENTY POINT roll on their first night for the second category, and BW cubed round out the second round with a twelve point roll for the third category! This meant that fifty-one big points were suddenly on the line! These points would prove to burn the field as well… with Suck It Trebek losing twenty, and Cartographers losing seven, while The Replacements lost thirteen! The only team in fact to come out in the positive were The Fecal Transplants! Our always interestingly named team had suddenly found themselves in the lead with thirty-two points!

 Trivia Finale , the third and final round, saw The Fecal Transplants go all-in save for two points, while Cartographers for Social Equality wagered four of their six points! Both Suck It Trebek and The Replacements were in the minus, with minus four, so both teams decided they had nothing to lose and wagered twenty house points (remember if you have less then twenty points by the Trivia Finale, you can wager at least twenty points)! When the dust settled, the Trivia Finale proved tricky but not impossible and suddenly The Fecal Transplants had fallen to fourth place, while BW3 were a distance fifth! The Cartographers for Social Equality had under wagered and lost their chance at a first and gold, and would instead have to settle for a strong third place after getting the correct answer!

The Champion on the night? We would have to wait for another few moments… as we had A TIE! Yes, for the second time at The Rec Room Roundhouse and only the seventh-time ever in the history of Trivia Club, the Trivia Finale had ended in a tie! This meant that Suck It Trebek and The Replacements would decide the night on a tie-breaker, a Sudden Victory Bulls-eye, a form of tie-breaker at Trivia Club not seen since our days at Lou Dawgs (RIP)!

In a double blind Box Office Bulls-eye, The Replacements guessed that Paul Blart: Mall Cop had made 57 million dollars, while Suck It Trebek guessed that the Kevin James vehicle had made 120 million dollars… when it had in fact made… (drum roll)… 146 million dollars!

This meant that The Replacements would be our runners-up on the night in their first night of Trivia Club, while SUCK IT TREBEK would not only be joining the Tie-Breakers Club, they would also become just the twenty-sixth members of Trivia Club’s Five Timers Club with their FIFTH GOLDEN VHS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Congrats to Suck It Trebek, well done as well to The Replacements, and thank you to everyone who came out to The Rec Room Roundhouse on an especially chilly week! Suck It Trebek also become the second team to win five Golden VHS tapes at The Rec Room, after Team Name! We’ll see you again NEXT TUESDAY for more trivia at The Rec Room on February 5th! Also don’t forget we’ll be bringing you ANOTHER EDITION of RED CARPET OSCAR TRIVIA, which will include not just trivia, but an Oscar poll, bingo, and more for prizes throughout what is promised to be an entirely reasonable three-hour telecast hosted in our part by Russel Harder!
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